Ride report – Sunday 5th January

PhilJ led this ride and writes:

Having led the last ride of the decade, it was now my pleasure to lead the first ride of the decade. BrianT handed me the opportunity at the last minute due to his back injury and once again I would be using my fading memory to get around – having studied Brian’s route first of course.

As luck would have it John Winn and Alan James were on hand to back that up with Garmin’s. We welcomed new boy Gavin to the club as well.

Approaching the crossing of the Roman Road from Little Brington for the descent into Flore we separated from John Winn again. But this time John made his own way to Leisure Lakes and was there when we arrived. Clearly John isn’t 100% and we wish him well but chapeau for making it to Daventry on your own John.

Meanwhile the remaining riders wound their way through Weedon Bec and Everdon with thoughts of Newnham hill in their minds. Primarily put there by me mentioning it on several occasions! All of us reached the summit one way or the other and took a breather. At the base Alan took over navigation through town and into the café at Leisure Lakes. Darryl, unaware that the café was inside just assumed we were getting inner tubes or something 🙂

The shop is on two levels and the café is just inside the entrance. Indoor bike parking is a bonus too. The menu was typical of many cafes but very cheap, nonetheless.

Leaving Daventry, whilst we headed for Long Buckby, John headed for Norton and his own way home. We continued on the undulating roads through Ravensthorpe with Alan firmly pointing the way now. All of us eventually arrived back at BVW just after the estimated time of 1pm and went our separate ways.

Some short rides seem as hard as longer rides and for me this was one of them. Maybe it was Newnham hill killing us off or just the wind and undulating terrain. It felt like a hard ride today, but everyone rode superbly.

On our way back to Hunsbury ChrisD managed to topple over for the second time in successive weeks. The mudguard once again proving to be the cause. He won’t thank me for saying it, but we tell it how it is Chris. So there!

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