Ride report – Saturday 23rd February

BrianT went on this ride and writes:

Three riders gathered at Brampton Valley Way on Saturday morning. We knew that many of the regular riders were away so we thought numbers would be low. In addition there had been strong winds and rain overnight and the forecast had been somewhat dire.

However by 9:30 it was dry, and the temperature high for the time of year (11 degC ) although still quite windy. JamesC had volunteered to lead the Brisk ride as Philip G had to pull out at the last minute. However, Philip arrived at 9:30 and rode with us as far as Holdenby.
Just before Philip returned, Richard arrived having missed us at the start. He was a new rider but knew Milton. At this stage we split into brisk and moderate pace, James taking the three on the slightly longer route to Mini Meadows, all arriving close to 11 a.m.

We had a good coffee and cake at Mini Meadows and then decided to take the moderate route back to Northampton. The wind was picking up but it had been mainly a crosswind on the way there and was likely to be the same on the way back.

The route out of Welford took us towards South Kilworth before we turned off on a single track road signed Jurassic Way. After we battled uphill into a strong headwind the road changed to a bridleway.  James on his cross bike was equipped for this but as none of us knew how far the track went we agreed to head back towards Welford. As the wind was strengthening we decided to take the shortest route home.

This started along the quiet main road out of Welford before we turned off to Naseby again. After another discussion James decided to follow the original route home whilst we headed off for Cottesbrooke, Brixworth and Moulton since the three of us lived on the other side of town. We were sorry to leave James on his own but he probably got home a lot quicker.

The wind was certainly howling through the trees but the hedges on the small country roads seemed to protect us pretty well. Just the odd stretch of exposed road kept us on our toes.  Given the wind and the hills it was quite a challenging ride but I think we were all glad to have been out.

Many thanks to James for stepping into the breach and leading the ride.

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