Ride report – Sunday 1st March

Peter Bayles led Sunday’s ride to Stowe Gardens and writes:

Seven riders set off from East Hunsbury on Sunday for the 44 mile steady ride to Stowe gardens.

Amazingly, given the latest scary weather warnings about Storm Jorge, the weather was predominantly dry and sunny, although it was still windy.

The first casualty of the day was Chris D who, apparently, wandered sleepy eyed to his bike on the morning of the ride to find his steering seized, so he didn’t attempt the ride.  No doubt he went back to bed after the feeble excuse to miss it  ….

Second casualty was John W, who set off with the group, but had to retire with excessive play in a wheel bearing.  This, it turned out, was due to his expertly applied DIY maintenance skills the day before.

They say things come in threes, so, true to superstition, our third casualty was also early on, when Phil L was caught with a side wind and ended up on the tarmac.   Actually, we found out that Phil was putting his gloves on whilst riding when the wind hit him, so perhaps it was not all the weather’s fault.  Anyway, Phil is hard as nails, so after Brian expertly patched up a grazed elbow, we were soon on our way again.

The group battled a headwind almost all the way to the NT café at Stowe Gardens, with only the last two miles giving the group some relief; the cake and coffee were, however, very welcome.

On the return leg, the wind was in our favour and we made much better progress in mostly sunny conditions.

Thanks to all who turned up for an enjoyable day – next week James C will be leading the rides to the café at Turweston Airport, which sounds very interesting, so I hope to see you again then.

Cheers – Peter

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