Ride to Ringstead – Sunday 15th March

Milton is leading this ride and writes:

Start time:  9.30 a.m.
Meeting point:  Nene Whitewater Centre, Bedford Road, NN4 7AA
Distance:  50 miles
Refreshment stop:  Water Mill Tea Rooms, Ringstead
Pace:  Around 12/13 mph
Time Expected Back:  Between 2-3 PM

The cafe alone is worth the trip having been considerably extended of late, and so it will be able to accomodate us all with ease. If the weather is warm and sunny  –  and why wouldn’t it be?  –  we can sit outside watching the river.

It’s a trip with a few lumps to get over, inevitably, but in the main it’s a flat route that won’t over challenge us. We head through Little Houghton and Cogenhoe before climbing one of those little lumps to Grendon and set off towards Bozeat via Easton Maudit. From there it’s Poddington and then Wymington and on to Newton Bromswold.  There is a short section on a shared foot/cycle path along the side of the A6 after Wymington which has recently been weed cleared and generally tidied up for us, so no problems! 

We go through Chelveston and skirt the Western suburbs of Raunds before the main attraction of the day  ….  the crossing of the A 45.  It’s a simple way over and, if everyone sticks to a tight peloton following me closely, I would guess that all but the last two or three riders will emerge unscathed. The odds are in your favour. Through Ringstead and to the cafe at 25 miles.

Home takes us across the A14 (twice), and, again, the tight peloton system should keep all but the laggards safe. We go through Cranford St Andrew and Burton Latimer before heading on the lovely road The Slips leading to Great Harrowden and Little Harrowden. Then it’s a simple trip through Mears Ashby, past Sywell Country Park (another lump to climb I’m afraid) and Ecton village and so back to the start via Little Houghton.

There are quite a lot of nice quiet roads to enjoy and the ride takes us to a part we don’t often visit. It’ll be good to have you along.

As always, the file is available on the Rides Calendar.

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