Ride report – Sunday 20th September

Our fourth recent ride saw five riders set off from Sixfields for the Severn Trent reservoir at Draycote Water!

One group of steady riders joined me as we headed out through Duston. PeteB, PhilL, Darryl and Miriam. A fairly undulating route took us over to Whilton Locks in the morning sun followed by the tricky descent on the gated road at Norton complete with gravel and cattle grids at the base eager to bring you down.

Safely over, a fast drop over the canal into Welton and on to Barby followed. The cycle paths alongside the Southam road towards Dunchurch proved invaluable in the busy Sunday traffic before we were forced to join the thoroughfare through the village. A short stretch later we were at a busy Draycote. Two tables on the balcony with great views over the water were ours. All totally compliant with current virus rules. Double cakes for some including the jam and cream scones which had just been made. Ideal preparation for the longer and hillier ride back. At this point Darryl decided to stay at the reservoir rather than ride home with us. His family were due over and he decided to wait for them and enjoy the rest of the day there. Make your own mind up about that one!

We set off with a more difficult ride back in prospect. After the flatlands of Grandborough we climbed in and out of Braunston. The second at Bragborough Hall back towards Welton. At the turning for Welton I heard that familiar sound of bike on tarmac which I had heard on my own fall last week. PhilL had come off behind me after hitting the kerb but managed to land on the grass alongside the pavement. Another grazed elbow was patched up for the second time in just over a week and we headed for the next climb over the gated road. Eventually we arrived back in Norton after negotiating the gravel deposits at the base once more and shortly after found ourselves racing down the A5 for a mile or so to get to Brockhall. Familiar roads brought us to Kislingbury and a safe cycle path journey back to Sixfields.

Thanks to everyone who turned out today.


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