Off-road ride – Saturday 10th October

Please note, this ride requires pre-booking by e-mailing Phil at

Riders must comply with COVID requirements. 

Please make sure that we don’t mingle in groups bigger than six at any time, even at the start of the ride.   

More details are at the end of the ride description.

Phil Letts is leading this ride and writes:

Start time:  9.30 a.m.

Meeting point:  BVW-Brampton Valley Way, Windhover Pub/Welford Crossing, NN6 8AA

Distance:  35-40 miles

Refreshment Stop: Forest Cafe, Salcey

Average Pace:   ~ 12mph

Time Expected Back:  Around 1.30-2pm

This is a mainly off-road ride using a variety of roughish gravel tracks and cycle paths linked by short stretches of road. So a Gravel bike or MTB is required NOT a road bike.

From the start point at Windhover Pub/Welford Crossing we take the BVW to Merry Tom lane, the Causeway across Pitsford reservoir, Spectacle Lane and into Bradlaugh Park. We make our way along Billing Lane to Rectory Farm Pocket Park on the edge of the eastern district. Once through the Billing Aquadrome complex, it’s on to Great Houghton and the Newport Pagnell road to Piddington where we enter Salcey Forest along the Bridleway for a coffee stop at the Forest Cafe.

From there we take the back road and track into Foxfields Country Park, Hunsbury Hill and then into the new Upton Country Park, Duston and Harlestone Firs. Our final off-road track from the Firs uses the bridleway across Brampton Heath Golf course back to the start. There is the option of cutting out the Salcey Forest café loop if the weather is against us or folks are flagging and instead stopping off at the Outpost café, along Bedford Rd, for refreshment. That would cut 6-7 miles off the original planned route. From there we can stay off-road through Delapre park going on to Hunsbury Hill etc.

The route can be viewed or downloaded on RideWithGPS:

Link to route on RidewithGPS:

As always, any new riders are very welcome, and for any further questions, please feel free to contact Phil Letts on 07867388592

To book a place, please email Phil Letts on:


We are delighted to start the regular rides again, however we will need some small changes in order to comply with the Government and Cycling UK guidance:

Maximum group size of 6 riders, including Leader 

  1. This will require riders to confirm that they will join by emailing the ride leader within the week prior to the ride.  Cut-off will be 6pm the night before the ride. Places available on a first-come basis.
  2. Places may be limited because of the small group sizes, but wherever possible, we will try to organise additional Ride Leaders to cover the numbers, but the Leader may have to refuse riders if over-subscribed.

Social Distancing

  1. We need to maintain at least 2 metres distance between riders, with 1 metre minimum abreast.

Cafe Stop

  1. We will try to select cafes that adhere to Government rules on social distancing etc.
  2. The Leader may decide to not stop at a café, or refuse to stay at a café if not satisfied that it is complying with COVID requirements.
  3. At this stage, we are recommending that we sit outside.

We request that all riders carry a small bottle of sanitiser and probably best to pack a mask, just in case.

Philip Gray will act as our first COVID Officer, to help to ensure that we are working to the latest guidelines.  Feel free to contact him if you have any COVID questions or concerns.

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