Ride report – Sunday 18th October

PhilJ went on this ride and writes:

Continuing our latest covid compliant rides, Philip led out four other riders to the small village of Catthorpe alongside the M1/M6/A14 junction. BrianT sporting his new electric conversion quoted a figure of 3000 feet of climbing as we headed up the first familiar climb through the Bramptons. Probably inspired by the Giro, Philip had clearly planned quite an undulating route for us.

Climbs came and went in quick succession giving us a taster for the ride ahead. Heading out towards Naseby can strike fear into most riders but we skirted the worst and headed towards Sibbertoft where John Winn had to stop due to a puncture in his tubeless tyres. 
After some debate and agreement John pulled into a side road and continued with the repair whilst the remaining four pressed on towards Theddingworth. It transpired that John had received help from some friendly locals to get him going again after which he decided to return home instead of heading to join us.

We continued our journey through the leafy villages of North and South Kilworth before seeing the welcome signs for our destination.
The location was picturesque. On the side of a hill overlooking the countryside.Cyclists were directed into the camp site field opposite the Manor Farm Shop and with six tables for the four of us social distancing was easy. 
As we sat down a friendly black and white cat bounded in from at least a hundred yards away to greet us and stayed on our tables throughout. 

Philip ordered our food and we brought it to our tables. To say I was unimpressed was an understatement. Pricey and not much for it.

Heading back we focused our minds for the journey towards Barby and familiar roads towards Welton. The gated road lay ahead with its lung busting climb over the canal. Brian tested his new electric conversion and was up in double quick time.

Making our way through Long Buckby Philip mentioned that they had a castle. He was right. Sort of. What was left of it anyway. From 1184 or something. 
History lesson and photo opportunity over we negotiated the high street and soon Brington Church was on the horizon. On the hill actually.

Once past Althorp I split leaving the trio to return to the start. 

Thanks to Philip for organizing the ride.


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