Ride report – Saturday 24th October

Peter B led the Brisk Group and writes:

Ten riders met at the Co-op in Moulton on a slightly breezy, but dry start to the day for the Brisk and Moderate rides to the Buddhist Centre at Thornby.  Six riders joined the Moderate group led by Brian, with the remaining four joining the Brisk group.

All riders were keen and waiting to start in good time – even John W(e) was there early, which must be a first, and so we set off dead on 9.30.  The groups set off North with the breeze behind them, both making good time.  Just before Harrington, the Moderate riders turned West and arrived at the World Cafe shortly after it opened at 11.00, enjoying good cake and coffee at modest price.

The Brisk Group continued North, still making good time, however on turning direction, the strength of the (now) mostly headwind became more evident.  And then, just to make the ride more fun, the rain started. Eventually, the four Brisk riders also made it to the welcome of the cafe stop to regain their strength, just in time to wave goodbye to the refreshed Moderates.

Three of Brian’s group made it to the finish line at Moulton at 12.45, with the other three progressively peeling off at various points.  Brian thought that the wind was not too bad on the way back, but admitted that he was drafting behind John and Viki.  The Brisks arrived around 30 minutes later, believing that the headwind was a lot worse and thinking that they had had a hard, wet ride, but still having had an enjoyable day’s cycling.

Cheers – Peter

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