Ride report – Sunday 6th December

Chris D led this ride and writes:

There are days when the circumstances are so much better than feared that all forms of smug self congratulation or ‘schadenfreude’ can be left for lesser mortals.

This was such a day – at least as far as the ‘not so esteemed leader’ was concerned.

Very cold and foggy start.  Seven riders came out to wrestle with the conditions – up for the challenge.

Gurj Sapa, new rider, found us (having come from Abington – just in time, no thanks to google maps).

Clearly unworried by the arcane technicalities of kit, he energised the group with his new found enthusiasm for cycling – reminding us ‘seen it all types’ just why we love it so much.

The pace was moderate but no criticism will be accepted by the ‘not so esteemed leader’ given that the conditions took a while to lift.

But when they did – wow.  Sunshine through mist, entrancing us as fog fit for the Victorians gave way to Celtic romantic mystery round every bend.

The ‘not so esteemed leader’ had underestimated just how knowledgeable, correct and pedantic his group of expert cyclists could be as they headed off in a different direction to him because ‘their Garmins told them to’.

At this point Elena V wondered just why leaders are necessary!

The ‘not so esteemed leader’ made it back in front again and the café was safely reached.

The café was welcoming – pleased to see cyclists ‘back again’. 

The scotch eggs were the best you can get and the coffee without compare. 

The back garden safe for bicyles and cyclists.

A convivial and bike friendly atmosphere all round.

Gurj reminded us all that the national sport of England is, in fact, cricket.

Then in lovely sunshine back home.  Faster now – although the chat and bonhomie persisted.

The hill after Farthingstone negotiated without complaint and soon we were back at Hunsbury.

The views were excellent.

The ride turned out to be an effortless 42 miles, 2,408 feet of ascent and a perfectly understandable 12.5mph average.

James C – who we have to acknowledge is a kit leader – put us all to shame with his generosity.

We also learned that Gurj’s family business makes curry sauces, they are called Punjaban (and they look very good indeed).

We will definitely want to welcome him back again.

Not least because we can look forward to regular rides to come.

Cycling enthusiasm can be renewed and reborn again.

With kind regards

Chris Duff

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