Ride report – Saturday 12th December

Peter B went on this ride and writes:

Nine keen cyclists met at the Canoe Centre on Saturday 12th December for Philip’s ride to Emberton.  The riders split into two groups from the outset, with six joining the Moderate ride led by Brian, and three joining the fast group led by Philip.

The weather wasn’t too bad as we set off, with a very slight drizzle.  But unfortunately, it never really got better, indeed the rain became more persistent as the morning went on.  Apparently, or so one rider told me, whenever I join a ride, the other riders expect rain. Well Brian, looks like it will rain for most of the winter then!

From the outset, Viki’s bike, recently expertly serviced by Harvey, was suffering chain problems, and she was unable to pedal backwards for fear of the chain jumping off. I seem to recall a similar story on a previous ride.  Fortunately, Viki seemed to avoid any technical mishaps and the ride went very smoothly.

At our cafe stop, the Moderate groups arrived first, followed by the Brisks, who had covered 5 more miles.  The usual COVID restrictions were in force, but was not too much of a problem as the outside area was covered and there were plenty of benches to sit at.  I can recommend the chocolate brownies, which were popular; very chocolately, but certainly packed sufficient energy for the return leg.

Thanks go to Philip for devising and leading this great route, and thanks to Brian for leading the Moderates.  

Cheers Peter

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