Ride report – Sunday 18th April

PhilJ went on this ride and writes:

With options for cafe stops running out, the reliable Forge at Culworth was a last minute choice for this Sunday’s ride. At this time last year it seemed to be one of the only cafes you could actually get a coffee at.

Making up the numbers this week included GaryC, a CTC member of some years and GaryH our resident speaker, both welcome on today’s ride. Also present was AnneC making a welcome return with friend Judy who wasn’t about to have the best of starts to her day!

JamesC headed up the faster group whilst PeteB took the steady group just behind. A decent six and seven split. We all headed down to Banbury Lane at Hunsbury Meadows for the long haul up to the A5 at Fosters Booth.

It transpired that Judy didn’t even make it over the first canal bridge having dropped her chain which then became jammed around the bikes drive-train. Reluctantly, with no other option Judy was forced to make the rather long uphill walk back to the start where her car was parked up.

Meanwhile two groups continued over the A5, passing the original Canons Ashby venue and onto Moreton Pinkney before signs for Culworth appeared. The Forge Cafe garden was already busy with groups of cyclists when we arrived but we bagged ourselves a table and parking for the bikes.

Service was a little slow and the choice of cakes was limited but it was a welcome change to be able to relax outside in the sunshine on a sunny day. The second group arrived somewhat later than anticipated due to the aforementioned mechanical just as our group departed for home.

JamesC led his group back out onto the road minus Hartley who chose to join partner Viki on the ride back. Another undulating leg complemented the ride out making it a pleasant 35 miles of riding without too much to bother us.

Hope you all enjoyed the ride.

Thanks to PeteB and JamesC for leading the groups.

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