Ride to Banbury, Sunday 20th June

PhilJ is leading this ride and writes:

Start time: 9.30am
Meeting point: Hunsbury Hill library, Overslade Close, East Hunsbury NN4 0RZ
Distance: 54 miles
Refreshment Stop: M&S, Gateway Retail Park, Banbury
Average Pace ride: Steady

Next Sunday’s ride is a steady one down to Banbury. Unfortunately my regular cafe stop at the Hillier Garden centre won’t be open due to the pandemic so we’ll have to settle for M&S on the Gateway Retail Park on the way into the town. I’m sure the cafe is just as good if not better than the Hillier. It’s not just a cafe it’s an M&S cafe!

Before we get there it’s a fairly simple run down Banbury Lane, crossing the A5 at Foster’s Booth, passing Canon’s Ashby, Moreton Pinkney and on to Thorpe Mandeville at the end of the road. Chacombe then leads us onto some useful cycle paths which conveniently brings us out at the retail park. There’s a cycle park for us to use and stunning views of all the other retail outlets.

Once we’ve had our retail therapy, we’ll continue on the same route as planned which includes passing the Hillier a short time later. The centre of Banbury can get a bit busy but on the way out we do have more cycle paths to utilise up to Little Bourton which puts us firmly back on country lanes.

Great Bourton gets us to Cropredy which has street names like ‘Cup and Saucer’. Aston le Walls and West Farndon pave the way to Woodford Halse which then becomes quite familiar to most of you I’m sure.

As usual I’ll be winging it without any navigational aids and as it’s been a while it should be an interesting ride.

Please let me know if you’d like to join me by replying to this mail or on phjoh119@…



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