Rides to Sibbertoft & Thornby, Saturday 26th June

Peter B is leading the rides:

Start time: 9.30 a.m.
Meeting point: Brampton Valley Way, Welford Crossing, NN6 8AA
Distance: 37 or 30 mls
Refreshment Stop: World Peace Cafe at Thornby Buddhist Centre
Pace: Brisk 14 to 15 mph, Moderate around 11 to 12 mph, both to suit riders
Time Expected Back: Around 1.30pm

Please confirm if you wish to join the ride by contacting Peter, or replying to this email.

This Saturday’s ride is a little hilly, and there are quite a few potholes and broken road surfaces to navigate, but the many small (hopefully quiet) country roads and glorious countryside more than make that worthwhile.

Setting off from BVW at 9.30am, both routes ride through Long Buckby, West Haddon, Yelvertoft and Elkington.

At this point, the Moderates head directly for the coffee stop at Thornby via Cold Ashby at the 20 mile mark. The Brisk group have the pleasure of an additional seven miles and some extra hills before they reach the cafe. I’m guessing that the Moderates will be claiming the tables and enjoying the cake before the Brisk group get there this week.

Both groups take the same route back, taking the narrow lanes through Guilsborough and Teeton, back to the start.

There is free parking close to the start at Boughton Car Park, opposite the Windhover.

As usual, please pre-book the ride with me so that we can best organise leaders.

Cheers – Peter

Brisk Route Link:BVW_Naseby_37mls

Moderate Route Link:BVW_Naseby_30mls


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