Ride report, Sunday 4th July

Giles led this ride and writes:

Despite the ominous weather forecasts eight riders took part in today`s ride and their lack of faith in our meteorologists paid dividends as we were treated with good weather throughout with the exception of a brief thundery shower storm at about 40 miles (Brigstock).

Unfortunately, not long after we set off Ian experienced a technical with his tubeless set up and was forced to head home.

Only a mile or two later, John Wr, clad in his British Champions jersey caught up with the group having arrived at the start uncharacteristically late. With this, the seven of us headed north (ish) through Walgrave, Old and Harrington to Rothwell. Here, Viki parted company with us, as planned.

We continued through Rushton, Pipewell and East Carlton and in anticipation of the Cottingham and Gretton climbs not too far away we whizzed down Middleton Hill. Milton and Hartley nearly overshooting the sharp right hander at the bottom unaware of its existence. Cottingham & Gretton hills didn’t fail to challenge us but as Hartley later summed up the real challenge lay ahead at the café stop.

Once in Priors Hall, Brian headed off to a family dinner and the remaining five took a table outside at the Good Bean Café, each ordering pancakes. The three stack pancakes arrived loaded with bacon, maple syrup, nuts, sweetened butter and approximately half a pint of cream. Man v Food challenges completed, some successfully, some not, we headed back

The weather and tired legs just about held out through Brigstock, Grafton, Cranford and Orlingbury where we split up heading home in smaller groups.

Today`s rain-dodgers were Milton, Brian H, John Wn, John Wr, Hartley, Viki, Ian and Giles.

Thanks to all who joined this week`s ride.

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