Ride report, Saturday 7th August

Milton Organised and Led the Brisk Ride and writes:

Timing is all, and the timings worked out on this ride unexpectedly well. The two groups arrived at the cafe only a few minutes apart; the rain only fell, (cascaded) whilst we were all under the umbrellas at the cafe, and the fab sausage rolls had not run out by the time the last rider ordered one. 

Twelve of us set off from the Canoe Centre in two groups of six and made Orlingbury just after 11 having enjoyed proper English summer weather i.e. not too hot, not too cold and not too breezy – Goldilocks would have loved it. The roads were busy, as they tend to be at the weekend now, but no one was run over and no one fell off, so a successful ride.

We changed the route home to two distinctly different paths, one through Hannington, Holcot and Moulton for those living north and west of the town, and the other through Little Harrowden, Mears Ashby and Ecton for the rest. I think we will all have managed to get home by about 1pm which, on a Saturday, seems like a good idea to me.

The only little hitch was when I saw Peter going round and round the rather dangerous roundabout at Billing Aquadrome looking more than a little confused. His heart and brain wanted to go one way, but his Garmin was determined that he would go quite another!  Watching his confusion, I realised that I had set the route from the Canoe Centre, but back to my home  –  it’s a habit I’ll need to break some day. Sorry Peter


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