Ride report, Sunday 15th August

BrianT went on this ride and writes:

Ten riders gathered at the canoe centre on a cool cloudy day. Our intrepid ride leader John Weller turned up early and after the usual welcoming banter we set off for Cogenhoe on time.

The ride bordered on briskish as we made our way through to Grendon and then on to Wollaston with much wailing from the Garmins who were convinced we were off route. However, this didn’t last long and we were back on track as we made it out into the sticks eastwards, to the picturesque villages of Newton Bromsville, Yeldon and Risley. At 28 miles and 11.30 am we made Scald End Farm Cafe where we had the place to ourselves. The sun was out and it was pleasantly warm to sit out with coffee and cakes on the garden benches surrounded by open countryside.

Geoff from Kettering CTC joined us having fallen foul of the route change but persevered, eventually finding us in the right place.

It was the shorter leg of the 50 mile route back, although we hit a head wind and some rough road surfaces which were definitely ‘heavy’ on the legs. However, we were back at CC just about on time having had a good day out in the saddle with not much traffic. Many thanks to John for planning and leading the ride ( feet up in good time to watch the Vuelta stage finish !!. )

Brian T

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