Ride report, Saturday 21st August

Peter B led the ride and writes:

Twelve riders braved the rain for the Brisk and Moderate rides from East Hunsbury to Culworth on Saturday, 21st August. 
Originally six more had wanted to join the ride, but the prospect of a wet day clearly couldn’t compete with a nice warm lie-in and breakfast at leisure.  All you light-weights know to whom I refer !!
We were delighted to welcome a second Brian H today (we now have two, which will be confusing), who has decided to join the CTC and come out with us again, hopefully regularly.

The riders split into three groups, with James leading the energetic Brisks, Brian leading the Moderates and me leading a brisk Moderate group.  The brisks, following the longer route, kept a good pace throughout, catching the brisk-moderates up a couple of miles before Culworth, getting to the Forge Cafe first and bagging the best table.

As often happens, the weather wasn’t actually as bad as feared; it was dry at the start, but started raining lightly on and off after half an hour or so, and continued like this until we arrived at the cafe.  But, perfectly timed, it stopped raining totally as we approached the Forge and was dry for the rest of the ride.
As usual, the coffee and cake were very enjoyable at the Forge, with the groups finding tables both inside and out. Anne was particularly impressed by the Barista who made the pattern on the top of her coffee, done totally without a template.  She insisted we took the photo below of the coffee, and wanted to show how daintily cyclists eat their cake. John W enjoyed the coffee so much that he decided to stay longer, re-ordering as the rest of the groups were leaving.

On the return route, a drop-in COVID vaccination centre for younger people, at the community centre in Greens Norton, was a bit of a surprise and caused a few minutes delay because of the traffic, but all for a good cause.  Then came a road closure just before the A5 – this was known, and only needed us to dismount and follow the pedestrian route around it. 

Just after Greens Norton, we passed the other Brian H, obviously dropped mercilessly by the brisks, repairing a puncture and waving us on. I’m sure you got back OK Brian 🙂
The last of the riders were back at the start by 1.15pm. 

As usual, an enjoyable morning out with wonderful company, so thanks to all who manged to crawl out of bed to join us.

Cheers – Peter

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