Ride report Sunday 29th August

Phil L led this ride and writes:

Here is a brief report on the off-road ride held today as is our custom. However, today’s ride didn’t end well with one our riders Peter Neve suffering a bad fall.

As ride leader I was pleased to lead out seven riders from the start at EH library, navigating across Hunsbury Hill, down the green lane to the canal path and onto the start of Upton Park. Once across the busy A4500, Geoff from Kettering CTC, who we were delighted to see, left us for Kislingbury.

We continued via mostly cycle tracks through Harlestone Firs, over the golf course, Merry Tom lane, Pitsford causeway and onto Spectacle Lane.

Peter, who was on a small wheel electric bike, was expected to take this last gravel section a bit slower than the main group. However, when he did not appear at the end of the lane Brian volunteered to go back to find him thinking he may have had a mechanical problem and suggesting the rest press on to the coffee stop as one or two riders had limited time that morning.

Then around 12o/c I received a call from Brian to say that Peter Neve had hit a pothole on the short stretch of Booth Lane, fetching him off in a serious way and causing a nasty cut to his head but no concussion. Brian took charge of the situation, called the ambulance and Peter’s wife Margaret.

When I arrived at the scene a few minutes later Peter was still on the deck and could not be moved until closer examination. A number of people had stopped who had first aid experience including, an off duty paramedic, and Brian was able to hand over Peter to their care. By the time the ambulance arrived Peter was sitting up and eventually with the help of the ambulance crew he was able to walk into the ambulance. It was encouraging just how many people had stopped to offer assistance. The police also arrived to direct the traffic.

Peter was was taken to Northampton General where at the time of writing he is said to be OK but awaiting scans and stitches to the cut on his head.

Obviously, I’m very despondent this has happened to one our riding group and on my ride! I’m sure I speak for all you in sending our very best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Brian did a great job and will liaise on our behalf with Peter’s wife to see how he is so suggest we hang fire a bit before ringing/texting messages of good will.

I’ll keep you posted.

Phil Letts

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