Ride report, Sunday 3rd October

PhilJ went on this ride and writes:

Winds, what winds? I didn’t see anything on the forecast for today. We obviously dodged the weather from yesterday and a reasonable day’s riding was in store.

A keen group of riders joined me at the start including Ken from Lancashire, returning rider Alan and new boy Chris Brown who advised me that Eloise would be riding with us but also mentioned that she would be fashionably late. Chris gallantly waited for her arrival whilst we set off towards the Brampton’s for the first climb of the day.

Once we crested it, BrianT and PhilL decided to ride on at their own pace but we gained Viki and Hartley just before the dip at Pitsford and proceeded to climb another rise together. The drop at the other side of Brixworth over the Spratton crossing is a blindingly fast descent with the payback being the long haul up to Spratton. Pete did say something like ‘you’ve only got yourself to blame’ as I joined the group at the summit. A brief respite at the Welford Road crossing followed before another rapid drop in altitude took us towards Teeton then Guilsborough.

That was about it for the hard climbing until we finally reached Naseby in glorious sunshine. Strangely, two bikes were already parked up. BrianT and PhilL being the owners. They’d seemingly taken the reverse route in from Pitsford and arrived ahead of our group. Geoff from the Kettering group had also arrived giving us around ten at the Vicarage.

Without ordering anything, tea, coffee and cakes were delivered to our outside tables, with more to come later on. Fabulous service from the lady who was running it today. Sadly no sign of Chris and Eloise who it transpired had got to Spratton and stopped for coffee before returning home.

As we left the Vicarage the clock at the church chimed 12 and the wind picked up. All the way home in fact. Another two climbs followed at Cottesbrooke and Brixworth. Not before we parted company with BrianT and PhilL again. Viki and Hartley said their goodbyes soon after, leaving four of us upping the pace back towards the Brampton’s where the wind was now making riding difficult. Three of us arrived back at Sixfields after a decent days riding and a lovely cafe stop at the Old Vicarage.

Great riding from everyone on a quite hilly and windy ride out today.


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