Ride report, Saturday 23rd October

Brian T went on this ride and writes:

Sixteen riders turned out today to take advantage of a reasonable weather forecast, dry with low wind and temperatures typical for an autumn day. Philip Gray managed to make it and led the brisk group of five riders leaving Peter to help lead the remaining 11 riders (two met on the way) for the moderate pace group.
Both groups were doing roughly the same route which left the CC, out through Gt Houghton and on to Salcey Forest. The roads were quite busy for a Saturday and with a potential busy Newport road the Moderate group changed to a quieter route through Hanslope, Tyringham and on to Emberton.
As as we crossed over the M1 we could see that the north bound carriageway was closed for major road works which perhaps accounted for extra traffic in the area. At Emberton the Mods joined the Brisk route through Newton Blossomville and Turvey, which was not too far from the welcome stop at the Emmaus centre. The brisks had gone a few miles, and extra hills, to the east via Sherington arriving just ahead of the other group at the cafe.

We had seen lots of cyclist out that day and from the depletion of the cake counter at the cafe, many of them may well have passed through Emmaus. However, there was plenty left and we sat outside at the garden tables to enjoy the coffee etc. With no wind it was just ok to sit outside but after a lengthy stop we were glad to get warmed up again as we hit the long climb out of Harold up Dungee hill to Bozeat. Not quite all downhill from here (one of the highest points on the route) but there was still the challenge of Cogenhoe hill before we could finish back at the Whitewater centre.

It was good to see three ladies out today as well as Dennis from Oundle. Extra brownie points must go to Bob Tomalin who cycled 11 miles to the start from Creaton. (and back again !).
It was a very sociable ride and we were glad to get a ride in with good weather despite November being only a week away.

Brian T

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