Ride report, Sunday 7th October

ChrisD led this ride and writes:

Ten riders braved the wind (15mph from the west) and were rewarded with a ‘grand day out’; the weather held and the Sun shone most of the time.

The ride had all the harder bits in the first quarter with long stretches against the wind and the hills through Litchborough, Maidstone and through Moreton Pinkney.

The Leader persuaded all that they should have an extra coffee stop at Forge Coffee at Culworth and we sat outside in the Sun.

Some said that the Leader was worried – rather selfishly on his part – that there would not be enough sausage rolls by the time we got to Evenley so best to ‘grub up now’.

All downhill after that and with the breeze behind us we were soon through Charlton and at Evenley – our main stop.

There were places inside the café and more sausage rolls and scotch eggs than we could eat!  

Phil J was kind to the Leader and said that the club – in the past – used to stop twice for coffee and that this was not such an unusual event back then.

I can only say that all riders had to be cajoled to leave both cafes and that criticism of this unusual practice on this particular day is unfair – especially since they were very nice cafes.

Then off through lovely countryside – not commonly ridden – Mixbury, Westbury, Syresham until we rejoined familiar paths at Wappenham.

The discipline of the peleton – so useful in the early windier section – began to fracture as the scent of home stirred the legs.

There were two who punctured just three miles from the finish and Peter B, Brian T and the Leader proved that they were ‘not just a pretty face’ and no one was left to go home alone.

53 miles, 2,400 feet or so of ascent – average speed around 13.7mph. 

Some riders were home later than expected but this was probably due to the punctures rather than too much coffee!

A good day on the bike in Northamptonshire – what more can be said?

Chris Duff

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