Ride report, Sunday 21st November

Peter B led this steady ride to Bourne End and writes:

It was a good turnout for Brian T’s ride, with 10 riders meeting at the Canoe Centre on what felt like a proper November morning.  It was sunny but with a cold breeze that made it feel as if we’d finally started winter.  It was great to see Peter S out again, as well as the more regular riders.  Milton was also able to join us as well for the first time since his holiday in Tenerife, which was great (back out, not the incident), not least because he knew the route, having originally devised most of it.

Brian was supposed to lead this ride and did all of the preparation for it, but had to pull out last minute to work on his local church organ.  Milton, childishly, was very forthcoming with the innuendos which, whilst he found them amusing, don’t merit being repeated here.  Milton was so distracted by organ jokes that he misplaced his glasses, hunting all over for them at the start until Brian fortunately found them wedged on the railings near his bike.
The ride out passed through some wonderful countryside along mainly quiet, small roads, and with the wind generally behind us and the sun shining, it was a very pleasant morning. Milton kept us on track most of the way, although Hartley came to rescue navigating a couple of the difficult roads with his Wahoo when my Garmin hiccuped.

Our coffee stop was the Bike Bus (a real double decker bus) at Bourne End.  The coffee and cakes were, as always, excellent and it was just warm enough to sit outside in the sunshine.  The cake portions were huge, just right for a cycling stop, but even so I noticed that Chris, who has previous form, still managed to put away both cake and a large slab of shortbread and Phil ate half of Viki’s carrot cake in addition to his own.  John enjoyed the coffee so much he ordered a second one, just as we were ready to leave.  In our usual considerate way the rest of us voted to leave him, forcing him to hurriedly drink as much as he could before setting off with the group.  

The return leg was more of a challenge and we quickly hit a headwind, and even though we enjoyed sunshine all day, the wind felt cold.  In a few areas the roads were relatively busy on the route back to Northampton, especially for a Sunday.  We suspect this was primarily because the M1 had been closed to lower the road underneath a bridge, and so temporary.
As usual, we had an enjoyable day out on a great route and coffee stop, thank you Brian and Milton, and to all the riders who joined.  And Peter S, perhaps you could have a word with you company and get your shift patterns changed on a weekend !

Cheers – Peter

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