Ride to Cranford St Andrew, Saturday 26th February

PhilipG is leading this ride and writes:

Start time: 9.30am
Meeting point: Moulton Co-op, Stocks Hill, Moulton, NN3 7TB
Distance: Moderate 36 miles , Brisk 40 miles
Cafe Stop: Old Forge at Cranford
Steady Pace ride: average 13mph

After being rudely interrupted by Storm Franklin (or was it still Eunice?), our programme resumes, all being well, on Sat 26 Feb with a ride to Cranford St Andrew.

Starting from Moulton Co-op, we’ll ride clockwise around Kettering to reach the Old Forge at Cranford after 23 / 27 miles for the Moderates / Brisks respectively.

The current forecast is for much lower southerly winds and some sunshine, but we’ll keep an eye on any developments.

Routes are available here :

Moderate 36 miles

Brisk 40 miles

Please register at Signup Genius and let me know if any questions. Group rides

Hope to see you there



Ride to Wilbarston, Sunday 20th February

BrianT is leading this ride and writes:

Start time:9.30am
Meeting point:
Moulton Co-op, Stocks Hill, Moulton, NN3 7TB
46 miles
Refreshment Stop:
The Milking Parlour Cafe at Wilbarston
Steady Pace ride:
average 13mph

This is a new route to Willbarston cafe which takes us up to Medbourne and then returns via the cafe stop. The ride out is via Old, Loddington, East Carlton CP, Bringhurst, Medbourne then south to Ashley and down to Wilbarston for a coffee stop at The Milking Parlour Cafe at Wilbarston (seating and bike parking in the courtyard) https://www.facebook.com/MilkingParlour2020

We return, skirting Desborough to Harrington Hill, Walgrave and Moulton by 2pm at the latest.Let’s hope that storm Eunice will have blown itself out by Sunday and we will be basking in the sun all day !!

More details from Brian on 07722 055149

You are welcome to sign up on  CTC Northampton: Group rides (signupgenius.com)
This will help with planning.

Ride with GPS routes https://ridewithgps.com/routes/38334199

Brian Tunbridge
01604 622073
07722 055149

Ride to Barby, Saturday 12th February

James C and Hartley are leading these Brisk and Moderate rides:

Venue: Brampton Valley Way, Welford Crossing, NN6 8AA
Time: 9.30am
Distance: Brisk 36mls, Moderate 31mls
Pace: Brisk 14 mph plus, Moderate ~12 mph
Cafe Stop: Willows Café, Barby at 20 or 15mls
Estimated return: Around 1.30pm

Peter B writes:

This Saturday’s Brisk and Moderate rides take us to Barby, setting off from Brampton Valley Way. Actually, it’s a re-run of the ride I was due to lead, but had to cancel in November due to bad weather. And, believe it or not, I am unable to lead this time either, so James C and Hartley have kindly agreed to step in and save the day.

Both groups will ride from BVW Eastward to East Haddon, where the Moderates will take a more direct route through Long Buckby and Watford to the cafe stop at Willows Cafe, Barby Nurseries. The Brisks enjoy an extra five miles through Guilsborough and West Haddon, rejoining the Moderates’ route at Watford.

Both groups return on the same route via Norton, Whilton and through the Althorp Estate back to the start.

James and Harley look forward to seeing you, and as Philip keeps (rightly) reminding us, COVID is not yet over, so please consider the usual precautions and bring a mask for the cafe.

As usual it is very helpful for our planning to follow this link to book a place on Signup: Group rides

Brisk:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37967015

Moderate: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/38073456



Ride report, Sunday 6th February

PhilL led this ride and writes:

It was with some trepidation that five of us assembled at the Canoe Centre for yesterday’s ride out to Wicksteed Park since it had rained most of the night and early morning had seen several downpours.

So we set off with clothing somewhat dampened but not our spirits! We kept a keen eye out for John Weller at Ecton crossroads but seemed to have missed him.
Every now and then it cleared up and blue skies temporarily appeared only for it to cloud up and drizzle again. Quite a few stretches of roads were under several inches of water making you grateful not to be riding a recumbent.

But hey we were out and having fun in the fresh air.
Arriving at Carousel Café in Wicksteed Park, who should we meet but Mr Weller!
Coffee and cake consumed but just as we were ‘saddling’ up Peter discovered he had a flat- clearly the Wicksteed gremlins had been at work during coffee time.

The culprit? A tiny sharp piece of flint picked up from the gravel driveway.
So having seen that most of us walked our bikes back onto the tarmac.
The return trip was characterized by some increasingly powerful gusts of wind which necessitated firm handling. As we neared Sywell we split up to return our different ways.

But despite the weather forecast it was pleasant to be out and enjoying good company.


Phil Letts

Look East TV appearance

PhilJ appeared on the Look East evening news and writes:

Well, it wasn’t quite Andrew Marr but my experience in front of the Look East camera this week was nerve wracking enough. A random call on Monday asked if I would be prepared to talk about the new highway code rules and how it would affect cyclists. I was the only cycling club member to answer the phone between Norwich and Northampton.

Wednesday was my first day back in work at Grange Park for a while and conveniently I cycled in on the MTB. I expected to do the interview in my work clothes but that suddenly changed. “Have you got your bike”, Andy the camera operator asked. “Meet us outside” he said. I spent the next half an hour doing the interview with Naomi just inside the Yusen premises.

Naomi asked away and I did my best to look like I knew what I was talking about. Not many retakes which seemed encouraging. “Great” they kept saying. Then the reverse shots as Andy went behind me to take shots of Naomi nodding as if she understood what I was talking about. “What does CTC stand for”, “How many times do you go out”, “What’s your favourite ride”. She did show an interest in our club as did Andy, a fellow scouser who was a road cyclist himself.

Interview done; Andy set about putting two cameras on the MTB’s frame. A GoPro style camera on the back and a six-foot pole attached to the front with nothing more than bungee cords, complete with a strange looking camera at the end of that. “Right, go and ride near some houses with traffic” Andy suggested. Well, that is a little way down the road from where I work but off I went in search. The extending pole making me a little concerned about balance initially but otherwise ok.

Back with the crew, more instructions. “Find some houses and we’ll film you there”. A little way out again they parked up on a slight incline.

Andy set up for his shots and asked me to climb the rise into the housing estate. “Do it again”, “and once more”, “and again”. I repeated the action several times then swept down from the top once Andy was happy with the take. The result on TV that night was interesting although as we have always pointed to the midlands transmitter, had to wait another hour for the iPlayer output.

Nobody likes the sound of their own voice and seeing yourself on screen even less. I spent an hour and a half with them for the brief time on the Look East news that night. But it’s a soundbite not a documentary anyway. The action shots looked ok. The front camera focused on me and looking like there was a vehicle in front taking pictures of me in motion. An interesting perspective indeed. Clearly there is a lot that goes into making features like this for very little screen time.

At least we got CTC Northampton on the TV.


CyclingUK – highway code changes

Copyright BBC. Permission granted.

Ride to Wicksteed, Sunday 6th February

PhilL is leading this ride and writes:

Start time: 9.30am.
Meeting Point: CC Bedford Road.
Distance: 40m
Refreshment stop: Carousel Café, Wicksteed Park
Average Pace: 12mph
Time expected back: Around 1.30-2pm

This Moderate ride route takes us out via Great Houghton, Billing A, Ecton, Sywell, Holcot, Walgrave, Broughton, Pytchley and Wicksteed after 21m.

The return is via Pytchley, Orlingbury, Harrowdens, Hardwick, Mears Ashby, Earls Barton, Cogenhoe and CC after 40m.

The route is here.

Members wishing to ride can book a place on Genius (Group rides) or mail/text me direct.

I’m on 07867388592

Phil Letts