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Ride to Kineton, Sunday 1st May

PhilJ is leading this ride and writes:

Start time: 9.30 a.m.
Meeting point: Hunsbury Hill library, Overslade Close, East Hunsbury NN4 0RZ
Distance: 61 miles
Café stop: Gilks garage café, Kineton
Pace: Steady

Next Sunday’s ride is to an interesting café stop in the village of Kineton in Warwickshire. Gilks Garage Café is a themed café based around the history of the garage throughout the 1900’s. It was closed for some time until re opening as a café some years later in the original location.


This is a longer than usual Sunday ride but well within the range of most of our riders. It was mentioned to me by my boss as a great place to visit around a week ago and we’ve quickly decided to put together a suitable route to what looks like a fabulous location. It certainly looks like a cycle friendly place.

The initial part of the ride will all seem familiar to most until we go over the M40 into unchartered roads. The same goes for the ride back. The profile doesn’t look too demanding although I see the route goes through Priors Marston on the way back which might test us somewhat although the views are wonderful overlooking Hill Farm!
Thanks to Brian and PeteB for working on this route which may change before we even start. But it looks as good as any for this new adventure.


GPS link is below as is the SignUp form.

EH/Kineton 61mls

CTC Northampton: Group rides (signupgenius.com)

Ride report, Saturday 23rd April

ChrisD led this ride and writes:

The day threatened rain and it was pretty windy all day. Twelve riders turned out, seven for the moderates and five for the Brisks.
Brian led the Moderates and ‘yours truly’ the Brisks.
Neither of us could take credit for a good route, devised by Phil G. 39 miles for the Brisks and 33 for the Mods.

The Brisks came up to full complement after meeting Alex S at the traffic lights at the Bridge or was it Galane Close? In any case Alex managed to avoid the Hunsbury Hill and have an extra ten minutes in bed – lucky him!

It was good to see James C on a ‘convalescing’ ride after his operation. (I don’t suppose it slowed him down much although he opted for the Moderates on the day.) And good to see Vicky getting back to previous fitness.

The Brisks were a fine group of men and we made short work of the route, knocking off the hills at Everdon and then at Preston Capes without pausing for breath. Milton kept the conversation going and I told everyone that there were no hills to worry about. In this happy state we soon arrived at Whittlebury café. It is a fast and interesting route – well suited to us that day, even with the wind, hats off to Phil G for devising it. Although I heard a rumour that two of the Mods ‘disobeyed orders’ and avoided the hills around Farthingstone. This has yet to be verified and so could have been due to inattention to their leader or their Garmin skills requiring a ‘brush up’ – we wait to hear.

Whittlebury café cakes are a sight to cheer even those with a full stomach and we were hungry cyclists.
A very good place for a café stop, even outside in the wind.

The return home – the short leg of the trip – was still quite quick for both groups despite the headwind to wrestle with.
The Mods still averaged around 14mph (helped it is said by a couple of e bikes in the group). The Brisks manged a fairly effortless 15.5+ mph for the route overall.
The rain held off and it even got sunny later.

All finished in good time, no punctures, no accidents no drama – just a fine cycle to put in the diary.
Thanks to all for good company, as ever.

Chris Duff

Ride to Whittlebury, Saturday 23rd April

BrianT is leading this ride and writes:

Start time: 9.30 a.m.
Meeting point: Hunsbury Hill library, Overslade Close, East Hunsbury NN4 0RZ
Start What3words: == linen.pines.zones
Distance: 39 miles / 33 miles
Refreshment stop: Whittlebury Bakery
Pace: Brisk / Moderate

Choice of two rides at either a Brisk pace (14mph+ average) 39miles or Moderate pace (12-13mph ) 33 miles.
Both groups meeting up at the Whittlebury Bakery Café for coffee.

The ride is mainly on quiet roads in rolling countryside. From East Hunsbury the route is out through Bugbrooke and Weedon Bec, Everdon, Preston Capes. From there we loop back through Maidford, Blakesley and Silverstone to Whittlebury and the café (At Bugbrooke the Moderate pace group takes a shorter route through Litchborough to Maidford and then Whittlebury ). After that it is a short ride home via Stoke Bruerne and Blisworth to EH.

Ride with GPS route links below.
Please sign up via CTC Northampton: Group Rides (signupgenius.com)
or use (https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0f4da5ae23a3fdc61-group)

More details from Brian on 01604 622073 or text 07722 055149
Do join us.

Brisk 39m
Moderate 33m

Brian Tunbridge
01604 622073
07722 055149

Ride report, Saturday 16th April

PhilJ led this ride and writes:

As luck would have it, my alternative venue at the Solstice Café in Dunchurch turned out to be the right decision in the end. Six riders were more than I was expecting on an Easter weekend ride, and this included several who you’re more than likely to see on a brisk ride on a Saturday. Most of us were on our first ride in shorts and short sleeved tops this season and we had nothing to worry about weather wise.

Clearing Duston high street made way for the country roads towards Althorp and Brington whereupon the ‘brisks’ opened up a gap on the ‘steadies’ towards the village of Whilton before regrouping at the summit above Whilton Locks. Norton successfully navigated, through the gated road, the highest point on the ride then provided a swift drop towards Welton amidst stunning vistas. Alex had his eye on the clock for elevenses at the Solstice and with another increase in pace towards Dunchurch we weren’t far off. Garmin’s were soon showing us as being off route and some clearly doubted my sense of direction to our new destination! But just outside the village of Thurlaston is the unassuming café and garden centre. It’s not much to look at but it provides excellent coffee and a great selection of cakes.

Two outside tables in the sunshine are as good as it gets and we enjoyed a relaxed time in good company thrashing out ideas for new rides in the Summer.

As expected on leaving the café various Garmin’s expressed further dissatisfaction at my choice of route as we made our way off road to the perimeter path around Draycote Water. A solitary marshal at our entry point indicated an event was probably in progress around the reservoir.

It was the Draycote Water Running Festival no less and we were now mixing with the competitors on the course. Two parallel paths towards the visitor centre provided ample room for us to wind our way to the finish of the 5 and 10k races. The café would have been busy today although it might have been a great event to watch from the balcony area if we could have got in.

Returning home, Grandborough provides an opportunity for some flat riding in glorious surroundings, although Philip was on his way to Southam in full aero position before we all called him back. A hillier and breezier ride back towards Norton inevitably slowed the pace of the group. Approaching the A5 opposite the Heart of The Shires, Philip suggested a better route than the short stretch down to Brockhall that I had planned on the fast carriageway. It was safer and traffic free. It was also a mountain bikers delight. Tarmac content – zero. But we made it to Brockhall intact, including Alex on his new shiny Bianchi.

Back on terra firma familiar roads got us back to Bugbrooke, Kislingbury and Sixfields where our ride ended.

Thanks to everyone for coming out today. 
Hope you enjoyed the new café.


Solstice Cafe outside
Solstice Cafe inside
Solstice Cafe Easter

Ride to Dunchurch, Saturday 16th April

PhilJ is leading this ride and writes:

Start: TGI Friday’s, Sixfields, Northampton NN5 4EG
Time: 9.30am
Distance: 54 mls
Pace: Steady 13mph
Café Stop: Solstice Coffee Shop and Nurseries
Estimated return: Around 2pm

Next Saturday’s ride is essentially the Draycote Water ride with a difference. The difference being that we’re not calling in at the reservoir. At least not for tea and cakes. I looked around for a suitable alternative to the Waterside Restaurant which we usually use and found The Solstice Garden Centre and Café on the outskirts of Dunchurch. It’s a quaint family run centre with excellent coffee and home made cakes made by ‘mum’. PeteB and I have already sampled their hospitality and warm welcome a few weeks ago and decided it was worthy of a club run. It’s pretty much a coffee and cake affair though, but both are wonderful.

Before that we need to ride halfway round the route through Whilton Locks, Norton, Barby and on to Dunchurch on a fairly undulating route.

On leaving the café your Garmin’s will no doubt start beeping as we take a detour along the perimeter cycle path around Draycote Water bringing us out past the visitor centre then leaving through the usual exit.

A short stretch along the busy Southam road gets us to Grandborough first then Willoughby where an optional stop for tea and flapjack at the Willoughby Café can be accommodated. Who’s counting café stops anyway? Pete and I can recommend the giant Godiva flapjacks. Ideal preparation for the climbs in and out of Braunston to follow shortly after. Back in Welton we’ll have to ascend the gated road before finally arriving in Norton once more. Brockhall and Flore are up next followed by familiar roads home to Sixfields. It’s a more elevated ride on the way back so carrying extra energy supplies seems like a good idea.

Don’t forget to use SignUp if you can.


Hope to see some of you there.


Ride report, Saturday 9th April

PeterB led this ride and writes:

Seven riders set off together from our start at East Hunsbury for our ride to White Mills Marina near Grendon. The temperature was cold at the start, but dry, and the pleasant sunshine quickly warmed us up and made for very enjoyable conditions.

It was great to see some riders who had not been able to venture out for a while. Peter S was able to join us again, as was Anne with her new, upgraded posh gears, and also Dennis, sporting his impressive e-bike.  Chris H came out as well, having recovered from a recent bout of COVID.  It was also wonderful that Viki joined and was (or appeared to be) back to her previous form.

Brian T and Milton joined the ride at Quinton, with Brian joining the Moderate group and Milton, who was fashionably late, took the lead for the 3 Brisk riders.

It was very nice to welcome another Brian, a mutual friend of both Anne and Brian T, who joined the Moderate group en-route and stayed with us for coffee.

The two groups arrived at our cafe stop, White Mills Marina, within a few minutes of each other. After making sure the bikes were well chained to the railings, we were able to relax and chat (mostly about Dennis’s interesting family history and Anne’s impressive training regime for the Coast to Coast a few years back) on the terrace in warm sunshine.  

The coffee and food was excellent as always, but  surprisingly Viki resisted the cake, and didn’t attempt to steal anyone else’s either, which is a first!  Phil J, clearly on a health kick, chose black tea and a bowl of granola, presumably in training for his ride next week.

The groups split again after the cafe stop, with the Moderate group following the published route back, shedding various riders as they took short cuts back to their destinations.

The Brisk group decided to go back through Cogenoe, partly to enjoy the Cogenoe Bank, but mostly because it was a shorter distance home for Milton and Chris H.  It added a few miles for Peter S however, who only realised after it was too late to turn back, much to the childish amusement of Milton & Chris.  But it serves Peter right – he’s looking far too fit these days!

A great day out with wonderful company and very pleasant weather. Thanks to all who joined.

Next week’s ride is a longer Steady through some beautiful countryside to Dunchurch for coffee, setting off for home beside Draycote Water and will be led by Phil J.  To avoid Easter Sunday, this Steady ride will be on the Saturday.

Cheers Peter

Ride to Grendon, Saturday 9th April

Peter B is leading this ride and writes:

Start: Hunsbury Hill library, Overslade Close, East Hunsbury NN4 0RZ
Time: 9.30am
Distance: Brisk: 42mls, Moderate: 36 mls
Pace: Brisk 14 mph plus, Moderate ~12 mph
Cafe Stop: White Mills Marina
Estimated return: Around 1.30pm

This Saturday’s Brisk and Moderate rides take us to Grendon.

We will start from East Hunsbury, near the Library and ride through East Hunsbury, Wootton and out to Quinton. 

The Moderate group through Stoke Goldington, Olney, Yardley Hastings and Grendon to our café stop after 22 miles, at the White Mills Marina.  The Brisks will have a few extra miles added by taking in Pindon End, Hanslope and Tathell End, joining the Moderates’ route again just after Gayhurst.

The club hasn’t been to White Mills Marina for a while.  It’s a nice café in a great location, but they don’t allow bikes to be brought up to the Terrace any more.  Instead they need to be kept in a cycle area close to the café, but only partially visible from the Terrace, so bike locks are definitely recommended.

The return leg is 14 miles, with both groups following the same route back to East Hunsbury through Castle Ashby, Horton, Hackleton and Preston Deanery.

As usual, we look forward to welcoming both regular and new riders, and it is helpful for our planning to book a place on Signup:  Group rides

Links to routes on RWGPS:

Moderate: EH/Grendon/36mls

Brisk: EH/Grendon/42mls

Cheers Peter