Ride report, Saturday 23rd April

ChrisD led this ride and writes:

The day threatened rain and it was pretty windy all day. Twelve riders turned out, seven for the moderates and five for the Brisks.
Brian led the Moderates and ‘yours truly’ the Brisks.
Neither of us could take credit for a good route, devised by Phil G. 39 miles for the Brisks and 33 for the Mods.

The Brisks came up to full complement after meeting Alex S at the traffic lights at the Bridge or was it Galane Close? In any case Alex managed to avoid the Hunsbury Hill and have an extra ten minutes in bed – lucky him!

It was good to see James C on a ‘convalescing’ ride after his operation. (I don’t suppose it slowed him down much although he opted for the Moderates on the day.) And good to see Vicky getting back to previous fitness.

The Brisks were a fine group of men and we made short work of the route, knocking off the hills at Everdon and then at Preston Capes without pausing for breath. Milton kept the conversation going and I told everyone that there were no hills to worry about. In this happy state we soon arrived at Whittlebury café. It is a fast and interesting route – well suited to us that day, even with the wind, hats off to Phil G for devising it. Although I heard a rumour that two of the Mods ‘disobeyed orders’ and avoided the hills around Farthingstone. This has yet to be verified and so could have been due to inattention to their leader or their Garmin skills requiring a ‘brush up’ – we wait to hear.

Whittlebury café cakes are a sight to cheer even those with a full stomach and we were hungry cyclists.
A very good place for a café stop, even outside in the wind.

The return home – the short leg of the trip – was still quite quick for both groups despite the headwind to wrestle with.
The Mods still averaged around 14mph (helped it is said by a couple of e bikes in the group). The Brisks manged a fairly effortless 15.5+ mph for the route overall.
The rain held off and it even got sunny later.

All finished in good time, no punctures, no accidents no drama – just a fine cycle to put in the diary.
Thanks to all for good company, as ever.

Chris Duff

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