Ride report, Sunday 15th May

PhilL led this ride and writes:

Well we escaped!

What, from Northampton, Westminster, congestion? I hear you ask. No from the rain despite the forecast that we were to endure a morning’s rain. But the five of us who set off for the off-road ride to Cosgrove this morning stayed dry and had an enjoyable ride mostly without crossing paths with impatient motorists.
We did however cross paths once or twice with Phil Gray’s Hope group plus Miriam, Ann et al which was good to see, once at the start then again at Long Street. The group seemed well supported so chapeau Monsieur Gray.

As we approached Cosgrove Park there was a lot of gunfire from the range over the hedge- understandably we assumed it was local police deterring cyclists from riding the central lane of local motorways…..
Once in Cosgrove Park we soon raised our cycling to the level of the aqueduct mostly by shouldering the bikes and climbing some pretty steep stairs – it was pretty clear at that point who amongst us were cycle-cross riders – (not me for sure heaving an electric bike up there!)
And so to the Barley Mow pub for coffee – at which point my status as ride leader took a beating as the manager informed the group that if we’d been a tad earlier they were doing bacon sarnies and full English as part of a promotion – 9am-10.30 on a Sunday. Just what off-roaders like – sorry boys poor preparation on my part.

Much of the route back was along the canal bank with pretty rutted and corrugated surfaces switching sides every now and then. And nobody did a ‘Weller’ and took a swim in the canal- bit of a relief given that it was me that caused John to fall in all those years ago!
Once at Stoke Bruerne we started to go our separate ways, some to continue along the canal path back to town and the rest via Ashton, Hartwell etc.

Thanks for the company folks-good ride.

ps. Have ordered the bacon sandwiches for next time but it means meeting and leaving at the crack of dawn….

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