Ride report, Saturday 30th July

BrianT led this ride and writes:

Nine riders met at EH on a cloudy morning, six chose the moderate pace and two bravely chose to follow Chris H who led the Brisk group. The route out had the odd refreshing spot of rain and a bit of a head wind although not too strong.

Both groups followed the same route to Adstone where it turned off for the road just north of Canons Ashby . The mods continued the 3.5 miles to Woodford Halse and the Equestrian Centre. The Brisks soon peeled off for an extra nine miles via Preston Capes and Priors Marston before turning back towards Byfield and West Farndon. The nine miles were a little hilly ending up in a long 8% hill up to the edge of Woodford Halse and the café.

When the mods arrived at the Equestrian Centre at about 11am we found the cafe teaming with cyclists from a number of clubs, sitting outside under the canopies. We just managed to get a table together for the six of us. Having ordered our coffee and cakes the Brisks turned up complaining about all the extra hills they had encountered not least the last 8% hill up to Woodford. They were banished to a corner table where Peter B feigned exhaustion (see the pic) whilst Chris and Peter S looked on unsympathetically having given PB a hard time on the hills. As this group had all completed nearly 200k on the Guy Barber ride the week before they should have been in good shape to soak up the hills with ease.

After the usual excellent coffee and cake and welcome rest, we headed off on the return leg via Cannon Ashby, Greens Norton and Tiffield with mostly a tail wind and a day which warmed up with almost a glimpse of the sun at times.

We welcomed a new rider Sean out with us for the first time. The roads were quiet and it was a great day to be out on a ride with good company. Thanks to Chris for leading the Brisks.

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