Ride to Sulgrave – Saturday 23rd March

Peter Bayles is leading this ride and writes:

Start time: 9.30 a.m.
Meeting point: Hunsbury Hill library, Overslade Close, East Hunsbury NN4 0RZ
Distance: 39 mls (Brisk) or 33 mls (Moderate)
Refreshment stop: NT Café at Canons Ashby
Pace: Brisk or Moderate
Time Expected Back: Around 1.30pm

We have two shortish rides on Saturday starting at 9.30am from East Hunsbury Library.

Hopefully the weather will be slightly better than of late, without the high wind gusts that we have endured over the past couple of weeks.

The Brisk Ride is 39 miles at a pace of around 15 mph, with the Moderate Ride 33 miles, depending on the riders turning up, and will be around 11 to 12 mph. Cake stop will be at the National Trust Café at Canons Ashby, and is around 25 miles for the Brisk Riders, and 19 miles for the Moderates.

We will leave East Hunsbury, riding generally West, through Milton Malsor, Tiffield and Caldecote, crossing the A5 at Duncote.

From there we ride through the villages of Greens Norton, Bradden and Wappenham, where the two groups’ routes split. The Brisk Riders will continue on to Sulgrave, enjoying the climbs before Eydon before hitting the café at Canons Ashby. The Moderate Riders take the more direct route to the café via Weedon Lois and Moreton Pinkney, and should be ensconced in time to secure the seating and check out the cake prior to the Brisks’ arrival.

The ride back is a mere 13 miles, passing through Maidford, Caswell, Pattishall and Rothersthorpe, before returning to our starting point at East Hunsbury.

We look forward to welcoming all riders, and especially any new riders who may wish to join the ride. For any further questions, please feel free to contact Peter Bayles.

Brisk Ride Route:

Moderate Ride route:



James Cairncross has kindly planned this ride and will be our guide, with Peter Bayles as Leader.
James Writes:
Start time:  9.30 am at Hunsbury for the 50 mile ride.  10.45 am at Linford for the 20 mile ride.
Meeting point:  
     – Long Ride (50 miles), Hunsbury Hill library, Overslade Close, East Hunsbury
             NN4 0RZ
     – Shorter Ride (20 miles), Black Horse Pub at Linford.  
            Parking for pub at Stonepit Field Park (off Wolverton Road) MK14 5AT
Distance:  50 or 20 miles for just the MK parks.
Refreshment stop:  Howe Park Wood Cafe
Pace:  Steady
Time Expected Back:  Around 2.30pm
Riders can choose between starting at Northampton and riding to and around the MK Parks, or picking up the Northampton riders at Great Linford and just riding the MK Parks. 
The ride uses roads or surfaced paths throughout.
Starting at Hunsbury library, those riding the 50 mile route will take the familiar route to Salcey Forest via Quinton and on to Stoke Goldington and Gayhurst, where we take the turning up the hill to Little Linford and then back down again to Newport Pagnell.  From here we join any riders wanting to just ride around the parks, and say goodbye to the roads for 20 or so miles as we join Railway Walk, one of MK’s ‘redway’ cycle routes. 
We then join the leisure route system (another MK term, this time a shared cycle/pedestrian pathway) to follow Loughton Valley Park past the famous Concrete Cows and the less famous Roman villa at Bancroft to Lodge Lake, Teardrops Lakes and finally Furzton Lake, where we join Tattenhoe Valley Park to travel to our café stop at Howe Park Wood. 
Fully refreshed we then take a slightly different route back through Tattenhoe Valley to the National Bowl. At this point we briefly leave the parks to use the Pear Tree Lane redway to skirt an industrial grid square and into Woughton on the Green – a medieval village that you won’t believe is in the centre of the city.. 
We then turn north and travel through Ouzel Valley Park to Willen Lake, the Canal Broadwalk, 
Linford Manor Park and say goodbye to the 20 milers.  Then we continue past Stanton Low Park to join the Swans Way to Haversham. Back on the roads, we head to Hanslope via the safer roads through Castlethorpe and on to Hartwell and Salcey Forest, where we head back to the start point in Hunsbury.
This is a fairly flat route on surfaced paths throughout. Normal road bikes will be fine but 23mm tyres might give a rough ride on the leisure routes. If you have a gravel bike then that would be perfect for this ride. One or two bells in the group would be handy as we share some of the route with pedestrians!
As usual we look forward to welcoming all riders, and especially any new riders who may wish to join the ride.
For any further questions, please feel free to contact Peter Bayles on 07979850096

Ride to Thornby – Saturday 9th March

Brian is leading this ride and writes:

Start time: 9.30 a.m.
Meeting point: Moulton Co-op, Stocks Hill, Moulton, NN3 7TB
Distance: Brisk 42 miles / Moderate 32 miles
Refreshment stop: Buddhist centre café
Pace: Brisk 14mph / Moderate 12mph
Time Expected Back: By 1:30pm


From MCP we head up to Walgrave and then on to Harrington. From there it is Gt Oxendon, Sibbertoft, Welford and Cold Ashby (Brisk group) or Kelmarsh and Naseby (mod group), to join up at Thornby for coffee at the Buddhist centre.

Return via Guilsborough, Creaton, Brixworth, Holcot to Moulton. Should be back by 1.30pm or before.

Free car park opposite the Co-op. (see www.ctc-northampton.org.uk )

Do join us.

Brisk https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29429252

Moderate https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29429185

More details from Brian on 01604 622073 ( 07722 055149 )

Ride report – Sunday 3rd March

Brian Tunbridge went on this ride and writes:

Who would venture out on a morning starting in light rain which was forecast to last all morning followed by high winds later, for an off-road ride to Lamport ?  Well four riders did meet up at the Canoe Centre to join Phil Letts as ride leader.

We welcomed Peter for his second ride with the group, now known as the ‘hard-man’ as he rode in shorts and no gloves !!

The ride took us along the Nene embankment and beyond Upton where we encountered our first mud section. The award for bike handling skills went to John Weller who was on a road bike with slick tyres ! Given the gloopy conditions mountain bikes were the best option today.

We then continued on a mix of roads , cycle tracks , forest paths to the Brampton Valley way and along a very wet track to Lamport. No coffee stop yet as we turned for Scaldwell, and into the wind for Brixworth Country Park and welcome hot drinks and food. Peter thoughtfully asked for kitchen towel so that we did not deposit half of the Brampton Valley Way on the plastic seats. (what no mudguards !!)

The wind was gathering pace by this time and we finished off the ride via Pitsford and Moulton where we disbanded.

Despite the damp conditions, spirits were high and we all enjoyed the ride. Thanks to Phil for planning the route which is shown below.


Ride report – Saturday 23rd February

Milton led this ride and writes:

We 14 riders set out from Moulton on a chilly, misty Winter’s morning and arrived in Mawsley two hours later on a warm Summer’s afternoon. No individual weather event can ever be identified as an example of global warming of course …. except this one!
A pretty lumpy ride largely through the North and West of the county challenged us all, but as the weather improved there was certainty that Spring was in the air. Birds were singing and the hedgerows seemed to be in full bud, and in those circumstances, no hill is topped without a smile on the face.
The ‘Brisks’ were first to the café on this occasion and had bought in a round of coffees and cakes for the ‘Moderates’ as they always do in such circumstances, but, unfortunately the ‘Moderates’ took a little while to arrive and by the time they did, all had been scoffed. The Brisks should probably have been shame-faced but were, in fact, triumphant.
Lovely to welcome Odette and Kim to, respectively, their 1st and 2nd rides with us, and to be accompanied by James, in recovery from his shoulder injury, (in as far as James ever accompanies anyone – he flew ahead of us all until he reached his departure point at Brixworth) for the first few miles.

Ride to Mawsley – Saturday 23rd February

Milton is leading this ride and writes:

Start time: 9.30 a.m.
Meeting point: Moulton Co-op, Stocks Hill, Moulton, NN3 7TB
Distance: Brisk 39 miles / Moderate 34 miles
Refreshment stop: Mawsley café, Mawsley
Pace: Brisk 14+mph / Moderate about 12mph
Time Expected Back: By 2pm latest

A nice rural ride out this Saturday takes us from Moulton up to Brixworth on to Spratton and Thornby before turning East towards Haselbech and Harrington. Then it’s across the A14, (Oh, you’ll manage, it’s only two giant roundabouts!) to Orton then Loddington and Broughton and to our stop at Mawsley cafe.

The Moderate group avoids the horrors of the double roundabout across the A14 as well as avoiding Orton, Loddington and Broughton and goes directly to Mawsley from Harrington. The café comes after 30 miles of lumpy territory for the Brisk group and 25 for the Moderate group so you will need both drinks and some food to get you there.

Both groups will meet up at the café at exactly the same time ( … not if I’m leading the Brisks they won’t!) and, ideally we should enjoy a gently paced nine mile trip home as one peloton. I expect to be back at Moulton by 1.30 ish maybe 2, but no later.

http://ridewithgps.com/routes/29029433 …… Moderate ride
http://ridewithgps.com/routes/29029412 …… Brisk ride

We look forward to welcoming all riders, and especially any new riders who may wish to join the ride. For any further questions, please feel free to contact Milton on 01604 416315

Circuit of Rutland Water – Sunday 17th February

Phil Letts is leading this ride and writes:


Start time: 9.30 a.m.
Meeting point: Brampton Valley Way, Welford Crossing, NN6 8AA
Distance: 25 miles off road circuit of Rutland Water
Refreshment stop: Various coffee stops


Members wishing to attend this ride/circuit of Rutland Water will need access to bike carrying transport to/from Rutland Water, a journey which takes about 50mins.
I’m proposing to meet at the car park opposite the Windhover/BVW at 9.30am then drive in convoy through to Uppingham and the start point at Manton where there is limited free parking (to avoid the £6 fees at Normanton!)
The off road ride surface is a mixture of tarmac, roughish gravel and cobbles so either an MTB or Gravel bike is required, definitely not a road bike.
It would be useful to know who intends to do this ride.
I can offer bike rack space for one or two more.
I’m on 07867388592