Ride report, Sunday 30th April

PhilJ led this ride and writes:

A rare venture into the Cotswolds’ was completed by half a dozen riders today, and the weather held out perfectly.

We reached the A5 quickly down Banbury Lane only to be stopped in our tracks by a frustrating roadblock approaching Adstone further on, and there was no way through this one. It was complete with cameras to deter people like us from trying to be smart, so we didn’t try. With no other option we hightailed it back towards Litchborough picking up the route at the Adstone junction towards Woodford Halse.

Further on, Byfield to Boddington seems to have some of the worst road surfacing around. It’s undulating as well just to make matters even worse when trying to ascend! On the plus side, the anticipated roadblock that Pete and I had expected to see from our ride to Kineton a few weeks ago didn’t materialise. Quite relieved we didn’t have to do another diversion, we pressed on to mainly unfamiliar roads for some of the group. One of them being the approach to Avon Dassett. The highest point of the ride, which they might not forget in future.

The village looked more Cotswold like than any before and with just a mile or two more we were there. No ‘Welcome to the Cotswolds’ sign or anything. But the village of Arlescote looks it and feels it. A brief fanfare and we were soon heading for our proper destination of Kineton. A long downhill, down part of the feared Edge Hill then ensued until we arrived at Gilks Garage Café.

It’s a bikers meeting place at the weekend but has its fair share of cyclists on the premises as well. We reserved the tables and sat down to tuck into our meals from the extensive menu.

The ride back is a little less forgiving on the hills, but the leg fatigue makes it feel as tough at times. Our route back took us over the cheese grater which is Boddington for a second helping of torture. My apologies to all.

At Byfield Philip parted company and made his own way home whilst we headed for Preston Capes towards the transmitter on the hill. Pete suggested that he may need the Air Ambulance hovering overhead once he got to the top. Get in line I thought!

We couldn’t go any higher and apart from one or two more inclines, we were pretty much home and dry.

Superb riding from everyone today. Over 100k for everyone.

Thanks for coming out.



Ride to Kineton, Sunday 30th April

PhilJ is leading this ride and writes:

Meeting point: TGI Friday’s, Sixfields, Northampton NN5 4EG
Time: 9.30am
Distance: 64 miles
Pace: Steady
Café Stop: Gilks Garage Café, Kineton
Estimated return: Around 2.30pm

It’s not often that a club ride ventures into the Cotswolds’, but this ride does – just. On our way to Kineton, we pass through the picturesque village of Arlescote at the northern tip of the Cotswolds’. It’s a fleeting visit but stunning, nonetheless. One minute we’ll be in the Cotswolds’ and the next we’ll be out the other side. Tick it off though!

There’s a good 28 miles or so to get into this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, starting with the familiar Banbury Lane to A5 stretch. Adstone to Byfield should be quite familiar to most followed by Wormleighton to Fenny Compton which won’t be.

Avon Dassett, is the gateway into the Cotswolds’ and has a bit of a sting in its tail. PeteB and I did go to Kineton a few weeks ago as I had doubts about HS2 but all looks ok on that front. There may be a road diversion, however. We spotted the signs during that ride. Avoiding Edge Hill, there’s a long, lovely downhill into Kineton and if you’re not careful you’ll ride right past the café which is situated a little way back from the road and easy to miss.

Gilks Garage Café https://gilksgaragecafe.com/ is a great place to stop for top quality food & drink before we return home. It has a classic car vibe about the place and plenty of car & garage memorabilia to enjoy in a small car showroom setting. There’s decent cycle parking too.

The loop continues round, back to Fenny Compton then back to Byfield on the same roads we come in on. It’s not long before we then see signs into Preston Capes and more familiar roads home. Pete has kindly levelled the entire playing field since we first went over to Gilks this time last year. But it’s still a long undulating route and it would be advisable to carry spare energy supplies as there’s few options for refueling on the journey back home apart from the odd garage or corner shop.

It’s a longer than usual ride, but when was the last time you went to the Cotswolds’ ?

Please use SignUp: Group Rides to register if possible.

Here’s the route: SIX/Kineton/64mls – A bike ride in Northampton, England (ridewithgps.com)

Hope you can make it.


Ride Report, Saturday 22nd April

Peter B led this ride to Grendon and writes:

Four riders met at East Hunsbury for our ride to Grendon.  Nick kindly took one for the team and joined Viki, Hartley and me, on the moderate route. The weather was surprisingly nice; slightly hazy sun all day, and although there was a cold edge to the air, it felt very pleasant.

The moderate route out was fairly flat, so we maintained a steady pace, and we were joined by another rider, Julie, who chatted with us for a few miles around Salcey, which was great. Skirting around Olney, Nick cracked and sped off on a detour to have a bit of a thrash, beating us to our café stop, White Mills Marina, by some 10 minutes.

We were able to sit outside the café, chatting and watching the activities in the Marina.  Even better, Hartley and Viki have their 23 foot cruiser that they are restoring, moored there, and invited us on-board for an inspection.  Very nice!

Viki and Hartley headed home via Cogenhoe shortly after leaving the café, leaving me to hang on to Nick’s coattails as he upped the pace and dragged me back to East Hunsbury against a bit of a headwind.

Thanks to the group for a very enjoyable morning.

Cheers Peter

Ride to Grendon, Saturday 22nd April

Peter B is leading this ride and writes:

Meeting point: Overslade Close, near Hunsbury Hill library, East Hunsbury NN4 0RZ
Time: 9.30am
Distance: Brisk: 42mls, Moderate: 36mls
Pace: Brisk 15 to 16 mph, Moderate ~12 mph, to suit riders
Cafe Stop: White Mills Marina, Grendon at 22 and 28mls.
Estimated return: Around 1.30pm

Saturday’s brisk and moderate rides will be to Grendon, starting from East Hunsbury.

The Moderates will ride out through Quinton, Stoke Goldington, Olney, Yardley Hastings, Grendon and on to our cafe stop at White Mills Marina. The Brisks will add a few more miles after Quinton by passing through Pindon End, Tathall End and Hanslope before heading to Olney.

Return for both groups will be via Castle Ashby, Horton and Hackleton, back to East Hunsbury.

As Philip keeps (rightly) reminding us, COVID is not yet over, so please consider the usual precautions.
It’s advisable to bring a bike lock with you, as the bikes will not be directly visable from the cafe.

As usual, it is very helpful to follow this link to book a place on Signup: Group rides

Links to the routes on RWGPS:

Brisk – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/38947753

Moderate – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/38947745

Cheers Peter

Ride report, Sunday 16th April

Viki went on today’s ride to Stowe and writes:

Today saw eight riders congregate at East Hunsbury. It was great to see Milton out again & we also had the pleasure of Ken’s company all the way from Morecambe. We rode out through beautiful rolling countryside past Rothersthorpe, Tiffield, Greens Norton, Slapton, Helmdon, Syresham down to Chackmore and the NT café at Stowe Gardens, whereupon we managed to lose John, who seemingly went cross country, lifting his bike over a fence – maybe this is a new discipline in the making! 

After Brian T’s puncture, the return route didn’t disappoint & took us further into Buckinghamshire through Maids Moreton and Leckhampstead, where there was a noticeable improvement in the road surface. We were soon jolted back into Northamptonshire passing through Paulerspury, Alderton, Stoke Bruerne and Blisworth. Brian H left us at Milton Malsor & Pete B just before the last climb back up to East Hunsbury library – to be fair, he’d already cycled uphill before the start of the ride, then having to practically pass his front door (that’s discipline for you)  Hartley & I opted for the easy route back (by car) 

Great to see everyone out on a lovely spring morning


Ride to Stowe, Sunday 16th April

BrianT is leading this ride and writes:

Start time: 9.30 a.m.
Meeting point: Hunsbury Hill library, Overslade Close, East Hunsbury NN4 0RZ
Distance: 51 miles
Pace: Steady – Around 13mph Average
Café stop: Nevillery NT Cafe, Stowe
Time expected back: Around 2.00 pm latest.

This Sunday’s ride is from East Hunsbury to Stowe Park, near Buckingham.

We will ride out past Rothersthorpe, Tiffield, Greens Norton, Slapston, Helmdon, Syresham down to Chackmoore and the NT café at Stowe Gardens, which is around the 28-mile mark.

The return route will take us through Maids Morten, Leckhampton, Paulerspury,Shutlanger and Blisworth.

If you would like more information on the ride please contact me on 07722 055149

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday

Brian T

Link to route on Ridewithgps:


As usual it is very helpful for our planning to follow this link to book a place on Signup:Group rides

Ride to Thurleigh, Saturday 8th April

John W is leading this ride and writes:

Meeting point: Nene Whitewater Centre, Bedford Road, NN4 7AA
Time: 9.30am
Distance: Brisk: 51mls, Moderate: 45mls
Pace: Brisk 14 to 16 mph, Moderate ~12 mph, to suit riders
Cafe Stop: Scald End Farm, Thurleigh
Estimated return: Around 2.30pm

Both Moderate and Brisk rides on Saturday will be heading out from the White Water Canoe Centre, passing through Cogenhoe, Grendon and Bozeat.

The Brisks will then head off through Hinwick, Yeldon and on to our Cafe stop, Scald End Farm at Yeldon. The Moderates take a more direct route, heading towards Harrold and Sharnbrook, and to our Cafe Stop.

The return route for both groups will take us back through Radwell, joining the outward through Bozeat.

As usual, it is very helpful to follow this link to book a place on Signup: Group rides

Links to the routes on RWGPS:





Ride to Wadenhoe, Sunday 2nd April

John W is leading this ride to Wadenhoe and writes:

Meeting Point: Moulton Co-op, Stocks Hill, Moulton, NN3 7TB
Time: 9.30am
Distance: 54mls
Pace: Steady 13 to 14mph
Cafe Stop: The Old Barn, Wadenhoe
Estimated return: Around 1.30pm

Sunday’s ride will be heading out from the Co-op at Moulton, passing through Sywell, Orlingbury, Burton Latimer, Brigstock and Oundle. From there we head down to Wadenhoe for our café stop at The Old Barn at Wadenhoe.

The return leg is via Islip, Woodford, Irthlingborough, Wellingborough and back to our start at Moulton.

As usual, it is very helpful to follow this link to book a place on Signup: Group rides

Link to the route on RWGPS:   MCP/Wadenhoe/54mls/John

Ride to Cranford, Saturday 25th March

Philip Gray is leading this ride and writes:

Start time: 9.30am
Meeting point: Moulton Co-op, Stocks Hill, Moulton, NN3 7TB
Distance: 36 miles/40 miles.
Café Stop: Old Forge at Cranford
Pace: Moderate/Brisk.
Estimated return: 1.15pm

Some of you may recognise this as a re-run of a popular (I believe!) route from February 2022. Starting from Moulton Co-op, we’ll ride clockwise around Kettering to reach the Old Forge at Cranford after 23 / 27 miles for the Moderates / Brisks respectively.

The current forecast is for 9-11 degrees, overcast with sunny spells but potentially a skiff of rain and a light headwind on the way back. So, not bad for this time of year.

Routes are available here :

Moderate 36 miles 


Brisk 40 miles


Please sign up at Signup Genius if possible and let me know if you have any questions.



Ride report, Sunday 19th March

PhilL led this ride and writes:

The five of us who assembled at EH for today’s 50/50 off-road ride to Willen were pleasantly surprised by the springlike weather as we headed off, picking up Brian T. and John W. en- route. I think we all enjoyed some off-road cycling with a bit of respite from the usual battle with hostile motorists and end to end potholes.

Mind you the gun-shot sounds emanating from the hidden firing range alongside NR6 into Ouse Valley Park did make me wonder if some of those ‘hostile’ motorists were aiming to pick off their hated cyclists!

It was pleasant too riding the Redways into Willen along the Grand Union canal.

What I hadn’t factored in was a well attended ‘fun’ run and being Mothering Sunday, the world and his mum out for a ‘jolly.’ So plenty of folk about.

AND the fact that Benugo cafe which was my intended coffee stop was closed for refurbishment. HOW DARE THEY!

But fortunately there was a coffee kiosk set up for the runners so caffeine deficiency was restored.

It was an equally pleasant ride back canal side and through the opposite, eastern end of Ouse Valley Park, Haversham and Hanslope.

So thanks for the support and pleasant company folks.

Phil Letts