Brisk ride – Saturday 7th June

Iain D, our Rides Secretary, is leading this ride and writes:

This Saturday we’ll be heading out on a brisk(-ish) 30*-miler with plenty of ups and downs but nothing too long or sharp for a Saturday morning.

We’ll head north from Moulton, duck across the Pitsford causeway then head across to Old before the long, gentle descent into Loddington, some hill work across to Broughton, Pytchley and Little Harrowden then a slightly flatter stretch back to the Beckworth Emporium (at 26 miles) for a comfort stop and an espresso (or drink of your choice). Then it’s straight back to Moulton.

There is nothing overly taxing on the route but there is plenty of up and down to keep the legs turning. It’s all tarmac so I intend to be back home in time for lunch!

*28 miles if we take the shortcut at Loddington, less another mile if we avoid Walgrave (which we may do if the roads are wet).

Leisure Ride – Saturday 23rd February

Iain Dawson. our Rides Secretary, will be leading this ride and writes:

This Saturday we will be meeting at Moulton Co-op at 2.00 p.m. for a short leisure ride  down the east side of Northampton.  We will go through Ecton to Beckworth Emporium for afternoon coffee, before returning to Moulton.  There may be a very short walking section.

As usual at this time of year, we will be keeping an eye on the weather.  Although we should be back comfortably before sunset, lights might be an idea if the sun isn’t too bright.

See you in Moulton!

(Iain is on 07909 992468.)