Competition! aka “Where Is It ?” Number 2.

Another one to see how widely-travelled our readers are.

Where in the UK is this magnificent piece of artwork to be found?


To give others a chance, previous winners are banned from entering for the first few days so Ian, you’ll have to wait your turn.

I should point out, for the benefit of the good folk of *****, that the sign hasn’t been vandalised. I’ve just covered up a name that might have given the game away.

Competition – aka “Where Is It?” – UPDATE


you’ll remember we asked you where this photo was taken:


Well, we have a winner!

As the detail in this photo shows,:


the statue is indeed that of James Starley, inventor of the modern bicycle, and it’s located in his home city of Coventry, in Greyfriars Park between the station and the city centre.

It seems I owe Ian Macsporran a cup of tea, and I’ll have to think of something trickier for next time!

Competition! aka “Where Is It?”

Hi all

I thought it was time to see how well-travelled our readers are, so here’s the first in an irregular series of cycling-related “Where Am I?” type competitions.

“Competition?” you say? Well yes, except that there’s no prize except the kudos of being revered as a cyclist who knows their geography. And possibly a cup of tea or coffee on the next ride if you choose to ride out with us.

So, here’s today’s mystery location:

1. It’s in the UK (note the weather 😦 )
2. It’s less than half a mile from a railway station (800m to you metric types).
3. It’s position next to a cycle path is appropriate.

So, where is it?

Answers and guesses in the Comments section below and I’ll give you a week to work it out.

NB: Some details of the picture have been obscured to make it just a little less obvious.