Ride report – Sunday 4th March

Ian Macsporran went on this ride to Kelmarsh and writes:

No “unseasonably clement weather” today.  Just one leader (Brian – many thanks) and one follower (me – I’d sent Brian an email on Friday so I felt I had to turn up!).  We met under the garage canopy in Moulton.  Decided not to go to East Carlton Country Park but only as far as Kelmarsh where we could throw ourselves at the mercy of the Buddhists.

We went the scenic route to Kelmarsh – just over 17 miles.  It rained heavily all the time.  The downhills weren’t all that much fun – just wetter!  We chatted about all sorts of stuff, including camping on glaciers (an achievement of Brian’s; I gathered a lilo makes a reasonable insulator).

The kind Buddhists allowed us in ten minutes before they opened.  This was the dry and warm part of the ride.

When we emerged, it was snowing (it wasn’t lying when it hit the ground) and it kept snowing till we got back to Northampton.

I’ve been playing about with the Endomondo app.  My fingers were so cold by the time we got to Kelmarsh that I tapped the wrong part of the screen.  But our route is recorded as two routes: for out see www.endomondo.com/workouts/40528344 ; for return see www.endomondo.com/workouts/40558604.

It was cold.  And wet.  Even the pure-hearted Sir Galahad would have said, “Bugger this for the Grail!”