Upgrading the Brampton Valley Way Cycle Path (part 3)

Blog posts back in January and February this year were pretty positive about the upgrading work that is being done done to the Brampton Valley Way (BVW) between the A5099 crossing (near “The Windhover”) and Mill Lane.  See Upgrading the Brampton Valley Way Cycle Path and Upgrading the Brampton Valley Way Cycle Path Part 2

Now this is also National Cycle Network Route 6 and so an important cycle path – and one local CTC member, Peter, reports on his dissatisfaction with the upgrading nine months on.

Last week I chanced my luck and tried out the Route 6 through to Kings Heath from Kingsthorpe, going under the railway and along side the Nene. This section had been finished for some time, but access had been inhibited by the work that continued on the Kings Heath side of the bridge. Thanks to Phil’s info – we now know it’s open !!
We’d had quite a bit of rain, but not a “flood”. The river had subsided into its bed and the tunnel under the railway was mostly clear of running water.  I am not all together enamoured with the final result. Perhaps I’m niggling, or perhaps I’m not alone in my criticisms.
The lower section has a layer of mud and stones left by the flood river, which does not wash out with the flow of water. The upper “dry” section of path leads onto a quagmire before reaching the new tarmac path up to the green (?) lane.
The slope of the land and bank must drain directly in to the river at this same point, but no account of this seems to have made in this “improvement”.
To my mind there hasn’t been a great deal of joined-up thinking put into what must have been an expensive project. Surely a few minor and inexpensive amendments might be made which could make all the difference to a good job done and an inferior bodge.
I’m not only a grumpy old man, I like my cycling and would like to see my taxes spent wisely!

Brampton Valley Way mudhole is no more!

Phil Letts writes:

Members will be pleased to know that the infamous Brampton Valley Way (BVW) mud-hole is no more!  Did I hear cheering?  The mud has gone under the railway bridge and a two-level concrete cycle/pedestrian path rolled through.  It looks as though the engineers have conceded that it will always flood under there but during dry times there is a big wide solid path through but then during the times it’s flooded there’s a higher-level but narrower concrete path above flood level which is walkable pushing a bike.  (It will be possible to ride through on that but the ‘roof level’ is lower.)

They have also put down a black-top surface linking the underpass back to the farm track at the back of the Kings Heath sports field.

Notices say the BVW is closed from the underpass back to the Windhover pub for ten weeks from 10th January to effect path repairs.

So hopefully that should solve the problem.