Re-introducing cars to Abington Street in Northampton Town Centre

John Cutler, our Right To Ride Officer, alerted me to the way in which it is proposed that cars be re-introduced to Abington Street.

The majority political party on Northampton Borough Council included this proposal in its manifesto for the 2013 Council elections.

St Giles Terrace is to become one-way (northerly); Abington Street will be re-opened to cars one-way (westerly); and then Wellington Street will be accessible one-way (northerly).

The main problem with the Road Traffic Order is that it is, unthinkingly, to apply to ALL vehicles – so that cyclists will be affected by it.  It is as if the use of bicycles has been forgotten by the planners.

It would be perfectly possible to design the road markings and infrastructure to allow cycling in both directions.  (Indeed, other East Midlands towns and cities – Leicester, Derby, Nottingham – allow cycling in their pedestrianised areas.  This was forgotten in Northampton when Abington Street was originally pedestrianised in the late 1980s.)

Could I urge you, therefore, if you live in Northampton and the surrounding area to e-mail your objections and suggestions to and to copy your e-mail to your borough councillor and to your county councillor?

Nottingham Classic Ride report – Sunday 23rd September

While many CTC Northampton members were taking part in “Cycle 4 Cynthia“, I attended the “Nottingham Classic“.

Julian Bentley was the host/organiser and he promised – and delivered – “A Bike Ride with added Style, Culture and Entertainment”.

Bicycle belles at Wollaton Hall

There were great prizes for those entering into the spirit of things: Gold, Silver and Bronze for each category: well-polished bikes, preened wardrobes and riding etiquette!

We started from the War Memorial on Victoria Embankment, enjoyed a morning coffee stop at Wollaton Hall and had lunch at the University Park where we were entertained by Gypsy Jazz duo Maniere Des Bohemians.  At the end of the ride, socialising continued in the Ferry Boat Inn, Wilford.  Route here.  Reported in Nottingham Evening Post.

An excellent day!  A fabulous time!