Report on Audax at Stevenage – Sunday 25th March

Ian Macsporran took part in this event and writes:

I was tempted by Iain Dawson’s report last July – about how good Stevenage & South Hertfordshire CTC’s ride was when we were invited as a group over for a Sunday ride – to enter Sunday’s SSOSS Audax.  [SSOSS = Stevenage Start Of Summertime Special]

It was really enjoyable!  I chose the shortest of the three routes (62k) – there were 110k and 200k routes as well.  It was a very interesting rural route to the east of Stevenage with plenty of ups and downs.  The printed route directions were excellent.  We began and finished at Fairlands Valley Park (which, for early morning arrival, is well signposted from the main roads in Stevenage).  The checkpoints were well chosen: the first was outside a café which served all day breakfasts – and the second was at a village hall which served home-made sandwiches and cakes.

Everyone – the volunteers at the start/finish and at the checkpoints, and all my fellow riders – was very friendly.  And, of course, it was a glorious weather all day!

My route is here at Endomondo – – if you want to see it.

And, no wonder that Stevenage CTC is Group of the Year.  Paul Boielle, the organiser, told me that they had over 600 riders on the three routes!

I’ll be looking out for Stevenage’s End of Summertime Audax – the Emitremmus!

Audax – Sunday 25th March

Some advance notice for the Audax organized by our friends, the Stevenage & South Hertfordshire CTC Member Group.  This is their “Start Of Summetime Special” with a choice of three distances: 62, 115, and 210 kilometres.

The 62K Audax is an introduction to Audax riding and starts at 11.00 a.m.  The 115K Audax is billed as the original “Ugley Nasty Ride”.  [Yes, there really is a village called Ugley – pronounced Oogley – but urban legend insists that Jonathan Dimbleby introduced “Any Questions” from the Ugly Women’s Institute.]  It starts at 10.30 a.m.  These two events are Brevets Populaires (BP).

The 210K Audax – starting at 8.15 a.m. – is a BRM event (Brevet de Randonneur Mondiaux) over the classic 200K+ distance.

All the details, including entry forms and route sheets, are here.

Full details about Audax rides are here.

Why pay “sportif” fees when you can enter an audax for a fraction of the cost?