Rutland Ride – Sunday 6th October

Philip Gray leads this ride and writes:
This Sunday’s ride takes us from the gentle hills of The (Northampton)Shire to the remote and craggy Kingdom of Rutlandia. Travelling via Broughton, Rothwell and Rushton, we shall seek refreshment from the good Caterers of East Carlton (Country Park) before entering Rutlandia. Then our route will take us north past Eyebrook Reservoir to sanctuary and a midday meal with the Travelling People (whom some call the Camp-Caravanners) of Sweet Hedges.
We will return through the seductive Vale of Welland and hamlets of Medbourne and Weston, to the hidden Dale of Dingley, before re-entering the Shire by a little-known route and tackling the gradual ascent to the plateau of Harrington and Lamport. From there it is a brief down, up and down back to Moulton.
Assuming we do not fall victim to any Orcs, Nazgul or the rumoured Worm of Uppingham, we shall have covered 55 miles and around 1000 metres of climbing by our return.
If you feel called to this adventure as one of the Fellowship of the Flying Wheel, please gather at the Co-op in Moulton on Sunday 6 October. As this is a longish and slightly arduous route, I would like to leave promptly at 9.30 am, so please aim to be there at 9.15.
Please let Philip know if you have any questions. Tel 01604 720522 or email

Ride report – “A Hilly 100” – Sunday 5th August

Ian Macsporran took part in this event and writes:

Four riders assembled at East Carlton Country Park to attempt “A Hilly 100”, an Audax-style event organised for CTC Northamptonshire & Milton Keynes by Max Scott.

Denise (from Daventry) is an LEL lady and so she just left us at the start – and probably didn’t stop for anything.  Elevenses?  Lunch?  Clearly for wimps.

John Weller was also quick and determined but did stop for elevenses!
Bill Simpson was very kind and accompanied me around the route.  We enjoyed elevenses at Sweethedges near Stockerson and, at Bill’s suggestion asked for fresh sandwiches for lunch en-route.  (So I wasn’t slowed down, as last year, by a couple of pints at Tilton-on-the-Hill!  And, as a result, pedalled Max’s complete course.)  Afternoon tea at Church Langton certainly didn’t disappoint – sitting “in the body of the kirk”!
After 64 miles – like cycling over a giant egg box – with over 4,200 ft of ascent (at least) – I was weary but exhilarated on return to the Country Park.
You can see the route on Endomondo here  – the ascents and descents are different because the app uses GPS for these and, I think, more accurate measurers (Garmin) uses barometers as well.
Why not tackle this event next year?  It’s a serious challenge but well worth achieving!
Many thanks to Max!  And my own personal thanks to Bill!