Ride to Culworth, Sunday 16th January

Milton is leading this ride and writes:

Start time: 9:30 a.m.
Meeting Point: Nene Whitewater Centre, Bedford Road, NN4 7AA
Distance: 45 miles
Pace: Steady (around 12-14 mph)
Café stop: The Forge Café Culworth


Sign Up for the ride here.

The cafe is definitely worth a visit. It has a lovely log fire and excellent coffee and homemade cakes etc and the trip there is a joy.
We set off along the Nene for about three miles and then, after a short, (tarmac-ed) section of the canal, we arrive on Banbury Lane and head south, (here I expect the “Dodgers of Hunsbury” might choose to join the ride as it will allow them to skip quite a few miles almost without guilt!) This is a lovely route on quiet roads which takes us through Foxley, Blakesley, Woodend, Plumpton and Weston before, at almost exactly the halfway point, we reach Culworth.

The return begins on some equally attractive little roads through Eydon and Little Preston, Maidford and Litchborough before reaching Bugbrooke. It is at this point we turn south east and meet up with Banbury Lane once more, (and again, the “D’s of H” might want to exit the ride!) to return via the canal and the river to our setting-off point at the Canoe Centre.

It being high January, I imagine we can be assured of balmy weather in the high 20’s….so dress appropriately please!
It should be a good day, I look forward to your company.
PS The café is quite strict about mask wearing, so please make sure you come equipped.



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