Four Reservoirs’ Ride – Sunday 18th November

Phil Letts is leading this ride and writes:

Start time: 9.30 a.m.
Meeting point: Brampton Valley Way, Welford Crossing, NN6 8AA
Distance: 45 miles
Refreshment stop: Daventry Country Park
Pace: moderate pace ride average speed 11-12mph

This will be moderately paced ride taking in Pitsford, Ravensthorpe, Hollowell reservoirs and Guilsborough for coffee stop (18 m). Then on to Daventry Country Park and reservoir before the lunch stop. (33m) before a shortish section (12 m) back to Northampton.

I’m on 07867388592
Phil Letts


Ride to Crick – Saturday 10th November

Philip Gray is leading this ride and writes:

This Saturday we have two rides to choose from, both heading to the Timeless Tea Rooms, Crick.

The Brisk ride is 39 miles via Guilsborough, Cold Ashby and Stanford to Crick, back via Welton. There are some short climbs at the start and finish, with a flatter middle section.

The Moderate ride is slightly shorter (36 miles) and misses out Stanford, giving a fighting chance of making the Tea Rooms ahead of the Brisk.

You can see and download routes at



The current forecast is a dry, mild (11 degrees) day with sunny intervals and moderate breeze from SSE.

We meet at 9.30 am at the Brampton Valley Way, NN6 8AA.

It’s always helpful to know who’s coming, especially if you’re not a regular rider, so let me know if you have time please.

Hope to see some of you there.






Ride report – Sunday 4th November

James Holden led this ride and writes:

Given the murky forecast I arrived at Moulton fully expecting no one else to turn up for this weekend’s ride, which was to the Mint & Ginger café at Tur Langton in Leicestershire. It was a surprise, then, to find five other foolhardy individuals waiting ready, willing and able. In view of the drizzly conditions we made a plan to cycle out to Harrington and then reassess our ride options: to carry on to Tur Langton or – if the rain hadn’t eased off – to divert towards the World Peace Café for coffee and a shorter, albeit drier ride.

By the time we arrived at Harrington the conditions were more clement and we opted to continue with the original route, proceeding through Desborough, Stoke Albany, Welham, etc., whilst all the time enjoying some lovely fast stretches of road and some less lovely hills. Unfortunately, it turned out that I’d made a beginner’s error with the weather, since I hadn’t looked at the predicted forecast for Leicestershire, only Northants… If I had then the downpour that began as we hit Cranoe wouldn’t have come as such an unwelcome surprise. Cold and drenched we eventually arrived at our destination and the welcome sight of coffee, cake and a working radiator. I think this was probably the first time we’d used the Mint & Ginger – it was my first visit – and everything was excellent. It’s also clearly popular with cyclists: another club from Leicestershire turned up after us and took up the remaining seats.

Our journey back was a mixture of landscapes: pretty villages, rolling fields and the desolate expanse of HMP Gartree. We cycled through Lubenham, up the twisty climb at East Farndon and then on to Great Oxendon, where after crossing the Harborough road we linked up with our outward route again and – once the hill at Harrington was out of the way – soon arrived back at Moulton: damp, cold and tired but having enjoyed the ride, nonetheless. Thanks to Phil J, Vicky, Hartley, Brian and John for turning up – hopefully we can do the route again next summer!


Ride to Tur Langton – Sunday 4th November

James H is leading this ride and writes:

Start time:  9.30 a.m.

Meeting point:  Moulton Co-op, Stocks Hill, Moulton, NN3 7TB

Distance:  56 miles

Refreshment stop:  Mint & Ginger

Pace:  Steady average speed 13mph

This Sunday’s steady ride is a gentle 56 miler taking us to Tur Langton in Leicestershire where we’ll stop for a coffee and cake at the Mint & Ginger. We’ll head out from Moulton in the direction of Harrington and then skirt Desborough as we ride on to Stoke Albany – familiar to anyone who’s cycled out to Cafe Ventoux with CTC. Undulating roads will then take us on through Weston by Welland, Welham, Cranoe and finally Tur Langton.

The route back will take us through two of the other Langtons – Church and Thorpe, respectively – giving us the chance to tick off two more obscure Leicestershire hamlets from our checklist of places we never knew existed and won’t visit again.  We’ll then find ourselves on more familiar territory as we cycle through Great Bowden, Lubenham and East Farndon. It’s then Great Oxendon, Arthingworth and HarrIngton where we’ll join up with our outward route once more as we head back to Moulton.

Sunday’s forecast is for light cloud and a gentle breeze – no prospect of rain, fortunately. The route itself is as flat as a pancake, albeit a pancake with a few lumps in it. Still, this is balanced out by some nice straight sections and flowing descents where we’ll all enjoy the benefits of the tailwind that will track us throughout, no doubt.

Ride report – Saturday 27th October

PhilJ went on this ride and writes:

Autumn had well and truly arrived for todays ride to one of this years most popular café stops , the Harley Equestrian Centre near Woodford Halse. If we didn’t know it at the start we certainly did out on the road. Skies were clear and the sun was out initially.

Elspeth regrettably decided to pull out of leading the moderate ride leaving seven riders on the brisk ride including my returning neighbour Ian and our mutual friend and Monday night rider Chris on his first CTC ride. With two options available, James H decided to follow Elspeth’s moderate route which as it turned out was a brilliant move!

The ride blasted out of the blocks towards Milton Malsor before the hill at Gayton made us regret it. We weren’t warming up very much so it was best to get a move on as best we could. Wind-chill was noticeably dropping the temperatures somewhat. Total contrast to the week before.

The route undulated a little through familiar villages and it wasn’t long before the welcome signs for Woodford Halse started to appear.
I for one geared up for the two tiered climb prior to the café only to realise that Elspeth’s route came in from the opposite direction. We still climbed a little but it almost felt like we were going downhill in comparison to the double digit% brute on the other side. Chapeau! Elspeth.

Our favourite French chef greeted us in the usual friendly way as we sat down outside in the chilly air. The usual excellent service from the staff got us tucking into warm food quickly. But realising how cold it was getting we were soon on our way again.

It definitely seemed colder as we set off. The sun having long gone leaving grey skies instead. Midway home we split up. Not intentionally, we just lost Ian, Chris and John Weller. A quick call confirmed they were ok and they made their own way back. Pete and I actually caught Ian on Banbury Lane having split again near home.

A chilly ride today which sets the scene for the next couple of months.

Thanks to James for leading a cunning route by Elspeth!

Thanks also to Chris and Ian for getting John back home and apologies for losing you along the way. Two fine fellows.


Ride to Woodford Halse – Saturday 27th October

Elspeth is leading the Moderate ride and writes:

Start time:  9.30 a.m.

Meeting point:  Overslade Close, East Hunsbury, NN4 0RZ

Distance:  34 miles for the Moderate ride, the Brisk ride will be a few miles longer

Refreshment stop:  Harley Equestrian, Woodford Halse

Pace:  Moderate (11 – 12 mph), Brisk (14+ mph)

Time expected back:  2 p.m.


We have a pair of rides this Saturday. One “Moderate” and one “Brisk” with a common tea stop at Woodford Halse.

Elspeth is leading the Moderate ride and James the Brisk ride.

The Moderate ride heads out from East Hunsbury to Milton Malsor and up the hill to Gayton. Having paused to regain our breath we then make our way on quiet lanes through Eastcote and Pattishall before crossing the A5 at Fosters Booth.

It is then on to Grimscote, Litchborough and Maidford before turning north at Adstone and on to Woodford Halse (with a nice long descent just prior to entering the village). Our tea stop is at Harley Equestrian about half a mile south of Woodford Halse where we should meet up with the Brisk group.

Our journey home sees us returning to Adstone via Eydon and Canons Ashby before proceeding along nice quiet lanes back to the A5 crossing at Fosters Booth. A final stretch along Banbury Lane brings us back to the suburbs of West Hunsbury before the final short climb back to our start.

The proposed route can be viewed (and downloaded as a gpx file) from the CTC Northampton account on RideWithGPS: (Moderate route)

Any questions please contact Elspeth (07889 606274).

Ride report – Sunday 21st October

Peter Bayles went on this ride and writes:

Ten riders turned out for Phil Letts’ semi off-road steady ride to Willen Lakes, Milton Keynes; a really enjoyable ride in perfect Autumn weather.

Setting off from East Hunsbury, Phil, sporting his still new gravel bike, was determined to get us onto as much rough ground as possible to prove its worth.   To that end, we were quickly taking a detour off Quinton Road to go through Foxfield’s Country Park at Grange Park, before continuing on to Castlethorpe by road.

Shortly after that, we were treated to a wonderful route in the Ouse Valley Park, closely followed by another picturesque route around Linford Park avoiding, what appeared to be, every local dog enjoying walkies in the glorious sunshine.

It was at this point that Martin had to leave us to return for a family event.  Really Martin, is that more important than cycling with friends?

Anyway, after that, Phil’s leading skills started to deteriorate and worry the group, and were clearly not up to navigating the route through Willen Park to our coffee stop.  James, however, came to the rescue, with an incredible knowledge of Milton Keynes and the Parks and led us around stone circles and spontaneous gatherings and on to the Willen Café.

Coffee and cake consumed, the group noticed that Brian had taken his bike into the toilet before setting off, which was met with reactions ranging from surprise to genuine concern as to the nature of the relationship between him and his bike.  Still, it provided a fun photo opportunity as the pair emerged from the toilet.


James led us skilfully back through the park on the return journey before handing the navigation back to Phil who brought us home.
The group had a very enjoyable day’s cycling, and it made a change to be riding past friendly pedestrians on the trials, as opposed to (occasionally) less friendly motorists on the roads.  Thank you Phil (and James).