Ride Report, Saturday 7th May

Milton led the brisk ride and writes:

The Buttery at The Half Moon in Grendon did deliver the expected excellent service and proved worth the trip. Definitely a stop for the future.

Ten of us set off from the Canoe Centre on a Brisk/Moderate ride in warm and calm weather. At Quinton the Brisks were joined by Tim in his first CTC ride for a long while  –  a short celebration here!  –  and so it was five Brisks and six Moderates who sped off to Salcey, Hartwell and Hanslope before the divide. Brian led the Moderates, (thanks Brian  –  again!)  to the café via Yardley Hastings improving on my route in a manner that I never did understand, but which was obviously a success, and the Brisks headed off through Castlethorpe, Haversham and Little Linford before skirting Olney and heading directly to Grendon. Both groups arrived at much the same time which was due, either to my careful, indeed meticulous, planning …  or luck! 

Only eight miles back home saw us return in time for lunch, which is never bad.

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