Extra rides this Saturday and Sunday – 10th & 11th March

On our programme this weekend is a two-day ride to the National Forest Youth Hostel at Moira.  Bill Simpson, who leads this ride, says that people who want to join in for just part of the route on Saturday and/or Sunday are very welcome.  He writes:

Should anyone wish to ride this Saturday, the group will leave Sixfields (the Cobblers Stadium as per Phil Letts recent charity ride) at 9.30 a.m.  You may like to consider riding to Cathorpe, our first stop en route to our youth hostel at Moira in Derbyshire.  You would then return from Cathorpe to Northamton at your leisure.

You may also consider riding on Sunday to Cathorpe when we return to the café sometime around 2.00 p.m. (as a rough guestimate). We can then join forces and return to Northampton.

None of these rides intends to be quick.

P.S. The Cathorpe rendezvous is The Manor Farm Shop & Tearoom, LE17 6DB.


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