Tourist Trial – 7th October – Report

David took part in this event, run by Max Scott and based at Hannington.

David writes:

I have never done a Tourist Trial before.  It involved 3 sheets of questions and a 141 OS Map.

1. Answer ten questions from the map like “What is the highest point?”

2. Familiarise oneself with the morning route and answer eight questions while riding the route. Then return for lunch and give sheet 2 in to be marked before going out in the afternoon to do sheet 3.

3 Further points were gained by taking the right equipment and answering a general knowledge quiz on route. This was done by Peter at a stop in Old the questioning being biased to ornithology.

At the end of the day I scored 44, Brian 45, Bill 50 and Iain 57. Philip, Max and the CTC National Champion Mike Bates (on 62) were still out looking for answers.

Not sure I would do it again????


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